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Blue Moon Enchantment

Dawn Thompson, Leanne Burroughs, Deborah MacGillivray, Gerri Bowen, Ann Marie Bradley, Candace Gold, Victoria Houseman, Patty Howell, Jill and Julia, Michelle Scaplen, Jeanne Van Arsdall

Under the Faery Blue Moon - Dawn Thompson
Once again readers are treated to the high jinx of Puck and Oberon with Ms. Thompson’s continuing story first begun in the anthology Blue Moon Magic. A love potion meant for one certain couple is taken by everyone except the intended targets...what will Tatiana do?

Blue Moon Reunion - Gerri Bowen
Escewiche Castle is under siege, and Lady Piper is now accused of murder. Sir Robin of Escewiche, her first and only love, is long since dead and she wishes him to the devil for abandoning her and getting himself killed. Sir Robin is a prisoner, and thoughts of avenging himself is what keeps him from despair. Avenging himself on the perfidious, greedy woman responsible for his imprisonment-Lady Piper of Auban.

Blue Moon Magic - Ann Marie Bradley
Nearly 200 years ago, Lord Robert Archer’s fiancée disappeared the night before their wedding. A Shaman cast a spell around the grieving lord, promising Lord Archer’s soulmate would return under the sign of a Blue Moon. Modern day Claire Jacobs takes a job redecorating an old hotel and finds a portrait of Lord Archer. She has sensual dreams of him and wishes on a star the night of a Blue Moon that her dream man was real. And the magic begins.

The Anti-Kissing Club - Leanne Burroughs
Deep in Georgia’s farmland, crops are dying. In panic over their future, local men try to determine a way to stop the drought. Grasping at straws, they believe if they refrain from kissing their wives, their crops will thrive. Thus begins The Anti-Kissing Club. A spoiled, wealthy young man from New York travels to Georgia to help his ailing uncle and falls in love with a local.

Beneath the Velvet Blue Moon - Candace Gold
Nadine meets Michael, the man of her dreams, on summer vacation. Beneath a Blue Moon, they pledge to meet the following year, but tragedy intervenes preventing her from returning. Until fate and another Blue Moon years later bring them together again.

The Star Traveler - Victoria Houseman
Dr. Hayley Stone, fertility specialist, gives the gift of life to women who have trouble conceiving. After a rough first marriage, her work has taken over her life - along with caring for her Alzheimer’s stricken mother. Donovan de Lyon, from the Star Traveler Clan, brings love to beings throughout the galaxy and to humans on the night of the Blue Moon. Yet, true love has always eluded him. Things are about to be forever changed for these two lonely souls when the enchanted Blue Moon works its spell.

Muses in the Moonlight - Patty Howell
Calli Winson, anthropologist, returns to her hometown after many years absence. With no family, her quest for the last twenty years has been to discover her origins. Under the Blue Moon, she meets Jacob Isaacs, a young preacher who came to town after she moved away. He perceives Calli’s longing and follows his heart and a remembered thread of evidence.

Leap of Faith - Jill and Julia
Chicago attorney Marcella Richards is in dire need of a vacation, but she’s been too busy applying all her energies into her work. For eight long years! That’s when she decided marrying Drew and starting a family interfered with her career choice. When she slows down and thinks, the only thing on her mind is Drew and what could have been. When a blue moon appears, Marcella makes a wish. Is it possible to go back in time and redo the past? A certain gnomette is going to give it a shot.

Devil in Spurs - Deborah MacGillivray
Desdein Deshaunt plays a dangerous game with high stakes-the life of his younger brother. By day he’s a fop of the ton, by night he is the highwayman they called the Devil in Spurs. Whispers said he was a modern day Robin Hood, causing Desdein to laugh. The only wrong he was out to right was that of the murder of his father. Oh, they all swore John Deshaunt died in a duel with the Viscount Kildorne. Desdein knew differently. The Viscount used the duel to murder Desdein’s father. Ever since that day, he’d been using the masquerade of the Devil in Spurs to steal from Kildorne. Only this night he is stealing the biggest prize of all-Ashlyn, Kildorne's daughter. He plans to use Ashlyn, ransom her for his brother. Only he didn’t count on wanting to keep Ashlyn for himself.

A Blue Vacation - Michelle Scaplen

Brenda Blake the plain Jane data entry clerk secretly adores salesman Nick. But Nick and Tori, the sexy secretary, are tied at the hips. Not so tight that an argument doesn’t bust their Caribbean vacation plans. In a snit, Tori tosses her tickets to Brenda who hasn’t had a vacation in four years. So brown-wearing, ugly duckling maxes out her credit card for a new hairdo and bright clothes, meant just for the beach. Nick isn’t going to let his vacation be ruined by his spoiled girlfriend. Is Brenda ever surprised to discover the vacation came complete with roommate Nick!

A Wish Times Three - Jeanne Van Arsdall
Since the death of Kathleen’s husband two years ago, she’s filled her life with writing, trying to lessen the grief. She’s lost touch with friends and has no social life. When a handsome archeologist moves to town, he falls hard for Kathleen. Will Kevin’s love and the power of the Magical Blue Moon be enough to pull Kathleen from her despair and into his arms?


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Category: Romance Anthology

Format: Trade Paperback and eBook

Publish Date: 00/00/2008

Price: $11.00 US and $3.99 eBook

ISBN: 0-9746249-7-7



Nominated for 2006 PEARL
ParaNormal Excellence Award in Romantic Literature




Copyright 2005-2015 Leanne Burroughs