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Blue Moon Magic

Dawn Thompson, Leanne Burroughs, Deborah MacGillivray, Aysel Arwen, Billie Warren Chai, Erin E.M. Hatton, Kimberly Ivey, Jaquelin Lorin, Lee Roland, Katherine Smith

Spellbound - Aysel Arwen
The Lady of the Loch Ness is a powerful faerie, but it was her jealousy over human lovers that imprisoned the ruggedly handsome and virile Alexander Grant to the grounds of Castle Urquhart. Emma MacPherson is a woman alone in the world, desperately clinging to anything that reminds her of home and hope. When love and trust collide under a Blue Moon, anything is possible, even great passion and the power to call forth the faeries.

The Healer - Leanne Burroughs
Scotland fought endless battles to maintain their freedom. Supporting his clan, Warwick of Clan Drummond puts his personal life on hold to follow his laird. Busy fighting, he finds no time to leave a wife and children at home. Now he’s tired. Having battled with England and other clans for too many years, he only wants the chance to rest and grow old at Drummond Castle. Edward the Longshanks, king of England, has other plans. To make matters worse, an elderly healer lays claim to his heart. Can Warwick find love after all these years with the unlikely Agnes-or is he a fool to even try?

Secret of the Blue Moon - Billie Warren Chai
Fifteen years ago, young lovers were torn apart by their cultures. Can the magic of the Blue Moon restore love to Dr. Zoey Blackstone and Major Jake Runningbear?

Where Sea Meets Skye - Erin E.M. Hatton
Marine Biologist Celine takes a backpacking trip to Scotland to study the seals. She’s heard of the selkies before - mysterious beings who can transform at will from seals to people. She dismissed the stories, until she met a stranger on a Scottish beach who may be more than he seems.

The Darkness and the Dreams - Kimberly Ivey
Paloma and Robert’s plans for the future ended abruptly with his tragic death on the eve of their wedding. Can love be so powerful it defies even physical death? With the help of her quirky psychic neighbor, Paloma learns miracles are possible if only you believe in the magic of a Blue Moon.

Suddenly You - Jaquelin Lorin
Celine Chauvin has a talent for restoring historic paintings, but doesn’t know where to begin when it comes to restoring her life from loss and loneliness. Now she has turned all of her concentration onto a century-old painting and the mysterious man it portrays. Can a tour on a river boat, a pendant, and a wish on a Blue Moon change her future as it takes her on a journey into the past?

Rider in the Storm - Deborah MacGillivray
Seven years ago this night Ciara MacIain’s life "ended" with the tragic death of her fiancÚ, Derek Adams. When they pulled his body from the twisted wreckage of his car, her heart died. Every day of those seven years she did what it took just to get by. Now on the anniversary of Derek’s death, she knows it’s time to let go, to move on, so she pays a farewell visit to his grave. On the way home, in the raining night, she spies a car off the side of the road-precisely in the spot where Derek had died. Despite knowing it’s not wise, she picks up the driver of the car, Roarke Fraser Devlin. They’ve never met, but there’s a bond pulling them together, showing Ciara that miracles do happen...if only you believe.

Nominated for 2006 PEARL
ParaNormal Excellence Award in Romantic Literature

Blue Moon and the Warrior - Lee Roland
Allison gives her heart to Cahir, a warrior, in an enchanted carnival. Time doesn’t diminish her love for him, and no man can measure up. Until Richard Fallon. Will Allison have the courage to jump on the carousel with Richard?

Under the Pale Moonlight - Katherine Smith
Cursed from birth with a physical flaw, Arthur Cameron can’t seem to get past the feeling that he has way too little to offer the beautiful high-born daughter of a wealthy Scottish earl. Alicia McCray has everything she wants, doting parents, privilege, money...what seems out of her reach is the man of her dreams, a prickly, self-conscious, handsome young man who apparently can’t grasp that she loves him for what he is on the inside, not what his limitations are on the outside. Male stubbornness and female determination clash under the pale moonlight...

Belle of the Blue Moon Ball - Dawn Thompson
Lady Arabella Gilmartin and Nigel Reardon, Earl of Everton, were destined for each other, but not getting very far-in fact, they hadn’t even met. The faery Oberon and his friend Puck plan to steer the two toward the marriage altar and...well, let’s just say things don’t always go exactly as planned!


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Category: Romance Anthology

Format: eBook

Publish Date: 05/31/2006

Price: $3.99US

AISN: B002C75NF6






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