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Entertaining Angels

Patty Howell



A Christian Contemporary Short Story...


Ms. Howell writes with her emotions; she’ll make you cry, but in a good way. In this short story, Gwen finds out the man she is currently seeing is in the witness protection program, but he does have a very handsome brother that comes to her rescue on that snowy winter night.


Branson knew there was something special about Gwen from the moment she laid into him about why he was picking her up from work and not Danson.


In the mix, they come across a child that is alone and much too young to be on the streets by herself. This little girl brings joy, love, and hope to Gwen and Branson. She is also taught there is a God. While in Gwen and Branson’s care, the little girl Nicky, brings their feelings to light.



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Category: Christian Fiction

Format: eBook

Publish Date: 2008

Price: $0.99 eBook



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