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Reviews for Abendlied

by Jennifer Linforth


Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Orc
Long and Short Reviews

Madrigal Continues . . .

Desiring normalcy is difficult enough with a price on his head, but when Erik is falsely accused of killing Philippe de Chagny, brother of his nemesis Raoul, he is launched toward madness. Anna is an unlikely companion, sharing Erik's heart and the bounty on his head.

As the manhunt heats, Erik's mysterious relationship with Philippe spurs the campaign against them forward and exposes her darkest secret: defending her honor ended in murder. Plagued by his past as The Phantom of the Opera, Erik's memories enslave his heart to Raoul's wife Christine, whose shocking confession brings a ruthless bounty hunter into the fray and blackmail to the Chagny bloodline.

Blackmail from a hunter who cares little about the Phantom or Philippe and everything about the one he has lusted for: Anna. With the past weeping like an open wound, can love endure or will it take memories of one unlikely man to heal them all?

Memories of Philippe Georges Marie, Comte de Chagny . . .

Ever wondered what happened after Phantom of the Opera finished? Ms. Linforth continues the tale with extreme care and dedication to the original story.

Erik, the Phantom, has put Christine into his past. Anna is his true love, but he is so introverted and distrustful of others he fails to show his beloved she is the one for him. He gradually reveals his true self to her, especially after they join up with Pappy, an old soldier who treats Anna like a daughter. Accused of murder and chased from one place to another by Raoul, Comte de Chagny, Anna is afraid to tell Erik she is also a murderer and Raoul's hunter is after her, not Erik.

Meanwhile Christine, married to Raoul and mother of his son, yearns for the Phantom despite her love for her husband. Raoul is convinced Erik murdered his brother and will not give up until the Phantom is caught and executed.

This book is a deep and meaningful novel, not to be opened for a light afternoon's read. I found it impossible to read more than half a dozen chapters at a time. More than this would have been too much in one sitting. Nevertheless I kept being drawn back to carry on reading after a suitable interval. The writing is superb, well crafted but the contents of the story are dark and more of a literary novel than a romance.

At the beginning I wondered about the references to events after the phantom left the opera house. I had read a third of the book before I realised this was the second in a series. I would suggest a brief synopsis of the first book at the beginning would overcome the confusion of wondering who and what the characters refer to. Also the four points of view cause more confusion, as you don't know who they are unless you have read Madrigal This applies in particular to the character Anna.

This said Abendlied is a compelling novel in the classical sense. The author is obviously well versed in music as Erik's inner thoughts show. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to those who like deep, dark and meaningful stories.

Abendlied is a wonderful read but to fully enjoy the story, time must to be taken to taste the full flavour of the author's wonderful mastery of words.



Review Date: Jan 22, 2010

Erik and Anna are on the run from Raoul's hunters, accused of multiple murders, including, Phillipe de Chagny, brother to Raoul. Christine fights her attraction to her Angel of Music, wanting a life with Raoul, her son Andre, and the daughter she is carrying. Anna, also pregnant, must fight for not only her life, but a life with Erik. Forces conspire to destroy any chance at happiness Anna and Erik can have.

For anyone who never understood Christine choosing Raoul over the Phantom, Jennifer Linforth's second entry in her Madrigal series, is a welcome treat. I've hated Christine ever since reading The Phantom of the Opera for the first time, not understanding how Christine couldn't see the man behind the mask. Anna is the heroine fans have been waiting for, flawed like Erik but strong and loving enough to lift him from his madness. Abendlied was an anxiously awaited sequel, but once I got it, I put off reading it, savoring each page, knowing that I could only read it for the first time once. Jennifer Linforth's latest work is sweet and tender, dark and decandent, a treat to be reached for again and again. For anyone who read Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera and wanted more, this is the book for you!

5 Stars

After Christine’s confession, Raul hires Loup to find the Phantom (Erik.) Raoul is convinced Erik killed his brother Philippe de Chagny even though evidence proves his brother’s death is an accident. Loup agrees to hunt down Erik, but the man has his own personal agenda. He will hunt the Phantom, but his main goal is to capture Anna, the woman with Erik. Her crime was committed when defending her honor and he has every intention to make her pay for it. Also Loup is blackmailing Christine after witnessing a transgression that will threaten the Chagny bloodline.

Christine must deal with her own demons. Is she in love with two men? She tries to hide her confusion, but Raoul senses his wife’s unrest. He loves Christine and will do anything to protect her, but his judgment is hampered by his insecurities.

As the manhunt continues, Anna fears Erik will embrace the madness that lurks beneath the surface and will never find the man in madman. Erik falls back to being The Phantom of the Opera and seeks out Christine. Her shocking confession may destroy his relationship with Anna. Erik recalls his association with Comte Philippe de Chagny and what his friendship meant to him, but will the memories be enough to heal him?

Ms. Linforth has written another noteworthy tale about the Phantom. Anna and Erik must learn to trust each other to allow their relationship to flourish. Erik must also learn to put the past behind him before he can accept what Anna offers. In Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera, Philippe is a man of the world and doesn’t like Raoul’s attachment to Christine. Erik later drowns Philippe when the man goes looking for Raoul in the cellars of the opera house. I enjoyed how the author takes the reader back to Erik’s life below the opera house to unfold a new tale with the Phantom’s friendship with Comte Philippe de Chagny. I don’t want to reveal too much of this wonderful tale with a twist to the old story. This is the second book in the series. It does stand alone, but I believe the reader may take pleasure reading Madrigal first to thoroughly enjoy the continued tale of The Phantom of the Opera.

Karen Michelle Nutt, PRN Reviews




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