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Reviews for Madrigal

Jennifer Linforth



Ms. Linforth has written a love story sure to please Phantom fans old and new alike.

~ Amanda Ashley, NYT Best-selling author


"A Love Story for Phantom Fans!"

The Phantom of the Opera is dead or is he? After Christine leaves with Raoul, all believe The Phantom has perished, but Erik or better known as, The Phantom is still alive and living below the Opera Garnier. He vows to live a quiet life. However, Anna, who works at the opera house, knows about his existence. She leaves him packages of goodwill. Furious that someone has found him out, Erik plans to put a stop to the young woman's foolishness. Only Anna has plans of her own.

Erik still longs for Christine, the woman who loved him as the Angel of Music, but could not love the man. He also loves Anna, the woman who accepts him no matter what mask he wears: Murderer, maestro, magician or mastermind. The managers of the Opera Garnier plan a con with Anna's deadbeat father to resurrect the legendary phantom and have Christine return to perform at the opera house. When Anna's life is also put in jeopardy, Erik is forced to become The Phantom once more to put an end to this charade. In doing so, he'll be forced to face his past to either accept and transcend to a new life or slip into the dark madness that threatens to engulf him.

Ms. Linforth has written a magical tale where you'll be swept back to the Opera Garnier and its splendor. Erik is still the tortured soul remembered in Gaston Leroux's classic, The Phantom of the Opera. Erik could easily embrace the essence of the angel of music or lose himself to the tortured soul of a madman. Anna with her sordid past has an understanding of being an outcast and is able to see the man beneath the mask. The friendship, trust and the sweet romance will have any reader hoping for the chance of true love. Fans of the Phantom of the Opera will not be disappointed and those who haven't experienced the magic of the story will simply be enchanted.

The tale isn't a paranormal read, but it's a Top Pick for this reviewer.

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt

Paranormal Romance Reviews

Posted June 8, 2009



Reviewed by Shannon Frost

For most of his life, Erik has lived in imprisonment, not behind bars, but behind a mask. People have viewed him as a monster rather than a man because of his deformity, none ever pausing to listen to the artful and passionate soul within him. His life of seclusion and rejection has touched Erik with madness, though it battles the musical genius within him and his desire to live like any other man, to be loved and accepted for who he is. He once sought to realize those desires with the beautiful opera diva, Christine, but her rejection brought him to surrender to a lonely existence beneath the Paris Opera. Years later, packages are left for him by Anna, a woman he doesn’t know and whose kindness confuses him. He slowly opens himself up to her friendship, but when the shady new managers of Opera Garnier come up with a scheme that brings Christine back into his life, Erik must rise once again as The Phantom of the Opera to protect all he holds dear.

In the decades since Gaston Leroux’s original novel, The Phantom of the Opera, was written, the character of Erik has captured hearts and minds as one of the most intriguing and mysterious figures ever created. Countless adaptations have been done spanning all forms of media, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famed stage musical being perhaps the most well known, as well as the 2004 film version of the musical, and for the many different adaptations in books, movies, and stage, Erik has been portrayed in ways ranging from a misunderstood genius to a murderous villain. In Jennifer Linforth’s Madrigal, Erik is masterfully resurrected to be exactly the man that many fans of Phantom want him to be, sensual, gifted, passionate, powerful, having a soul of humanity, but a mind haunted by madness. He is a character of layer upon layer, and the dignity with which author Linforth treats him shows that writing Madrigal was done as a labor of love for Leroux’s work.

Madrigal takes place four years after the events of the original story, and while enough statements are dropped regarding the past that readers could understand what happened, knowing the history of the characters and events, whether it’s having read Leroux’s work, or having seen the play or film versions, helps to enhance the experience of this novel. Along with the return of familiar characters such as Christine, Raoul, and Madame Giry, several new ones are introduced, all who blend seamlessly with the old. Of the new, author Linforth makes a wonderful addition in Anna as an indomitable heroine, and in creating a despicable figure in the main antagonist. Though of all the characters, it is Erik who rightfully steals the show.

With this classic tale continued and given new life through author Linforth’s lovely storytelling, Madrigal is a must read for Phantom fans. And if you’re not a Phantom fan, give Madrigal a read and there’s a good chance you’ll become one.



Copyright 2008 Leanne Burroughs