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Reviews for Almost Taken

Isabel Mere


Overall rating: 5 Stars
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Deran Morissey, Earl of Atherton's life changed drastically when men claiming they had caught a thief leave a dripping wet woman in his hall. Soaking wet and smelling of sewage from her swim in the River Thames, Deran still was able to tell the young woman was quite lovely. Feeling guilty for even noticing he orders her to be cleaned up before he can get to the bottom of why she was brought to him. The story he hears is beyond believable. According to Ava her brother, sister and herself were kidnapped from their home and brought to England and sold. She was able to escape by jumping in the river. Deran promises to help find her family hoping she will admit to lying. What he did not count on was how determined Ava was to locate her siblings. He soon finds himself searching all over England trying to find clues to their location. While also playing a game of chase and retrieval with Eva who is impatient to set out on her on and begin looking. He also did not count on falling in love with the highly spirited and stubborn Ava.

Almost Taken is a very passionate historical romance that takes the reader on an exiting adventure. The compelling characters of Deran and Ava find themselves drawn together as the search for the missing siblings. All the while the bad guys are searching for Ava. The excitement comes from watching Deran chase after Ava and his hard work to keep her safe. Intrigue and surprises lie in store for the readers as the kidnappers identities are made known.

The romance between Deran and Ava is difficult from the start. Their different stations in life seems to be just one of the things that make their future together impossible. But there is also an age difference and Deran's desire not to be married.

Their attraction though is there from the very beginning and only becomes stronger the more time they spend together. This attraction soon becomes desire which turns to passion that no matter how hard they try will not be denied. Readers will watch in interest as they fall in love and overcome obstacles. They will thrill in the passion and hope that they find happiness together. This is a very sensual romance that wins the heart of the readers.

This is a creative and fast moving storyline that will enthrall readers. The character's personalities will fascinate readers and win their concern. Ava who is highly spirited and stubborn will win the respect of the readers for her courage and determination. Deran who is rumored in the beginning to be an ice king, not caring about anyone, will prove how wrong people's perceptions can be. Almost Taken by Isabel Mere is an emotionally moving historical romance that I highly recommend to the readers.

~Anita, The Romance Studio
January 11, 2007

Almost Taken is a historical romance novel with a slight hint of suspense. The action takes place in London, in 1825. Immediately, the reader meets Ava Fychon as she is desperately trying to stay afloat in the sewage-filled Thames.

At first, the reader knows very little about Ava. In fact, when the young girl is brought to Deran Morrisey Earl of Atherton on the charge that she is trying to stow away on one of his ships, Ava does not even speak. Soon enough though, we learn that Ava in on a quest to find her sister and brother. Essentially, Ava had been both mother and father to the young children since the death of their father. The children had been separated from each other when a man claiming to be their uncle had kidnapped them with the intension of selling them as indentured servants. Throughout the story, Ava obsession is to reunite her siblings. However, life's events have a way of distracting her a little.

Intertwined within the main story, Almost Taken contains a hot romantic adventure. The author has the unique ability to make a kiss so utterly exquisite and breathtaking that the sexual tension can't be ignored. The action just gets steamier from there.

~Tami Brady, TCM Reviews
February 2007




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