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Reviews for Bride of Blackbeard‏

Brynn Chapman




Romance Junkies- 4 Ribbons

BRIDE OF BLACKBEARD has it all..you'll instantly feel a part of the story as Constanza's character seems to come alive. You'll walk right beside her as she endured the sadness, pain and sorrow, of growing up, and you'll root for her, all through the healing process. BRIDE OF BLACKBEARD was hard to put down. The secondary characters, some you'll love to hate, some will steal your heart, just as Constaza and her siblings do.

Ms. Chapman definitely has a winner, and you'll want to have the tissues handy, it tears at your heartstrings, and you'll love every minute of it! The setting is spot-on and as if time had turned back. You won't want to pass this one by, it's a must read, and one that should be on everyone's keeper-shelf.

~Kimberly Leslie,Romance Junkies



Nominated for Best Book of 2008!!!


The Bride of Blackbeard by Brynn Chapman is what I refer to as a ‘beefy’ read. It’s a romance sandwiched between historical facts and a personal growth story.


Constanza is a great heroine. She is strong willed with a purpose. But unlike so many historical romances that plop a 2008 woman into the past, Constanza’s ‘Stanza’ is believable and very well defined. A childhood filled with unspeakable nightmares has forced her to be stronger and more self reliant than most women of her time. Even her escape is tainted. Stanza’s loyalty to her brother, Will, and especially to her sister, Katrina, is both a blessing and curse. Nothing comes easy for Stanza but she keeps moving forward toward that happily ever after.


Where Constanza is a woman not molded in the traditional time setting, Lucian is. As a hero restricted by the mind set of the 1700’s his character is often at odds with Stanza. Lucian is a man of good heart and nature, something Constanza hasn’t been lucky enough to have in her life. While the personal barriers he must overcome are different than Stanza’s, Lucian’s growth as a character is as heart wrenching as Constanza’s.


The final barrier to their happiness is the same - Edward Teach, a.k.a. Black Beard. Ms. Chapman does an excellent job building up the suspense around this final threat to their happily ever after ending, that I wondered if it was going to happen….but the story was so well written I was willing to accept the ending either way. And I did find the ending complete - surprising - but complete.


The secondary characters of Hopkins offer plenty of chances to see the real personalities of Lucian and Constanza. They are hopelessly selfish people. Her sister, Katrina, is the prodding force in many of the things in Constanza’s life, rarely positive.


Bride of Blackbeard contains many fascinating historical facts woven into the plot. This is not like reading a history book. The characters are engaging and the pacing is excellent.


~Magnolia, Long and Short Reviews

Honored in Book of the Week Placements




Rating: 4 Cups


Constanza Symthe takes a chance when she accepts a job as governess of the Hopkins children in North Carolina. Boarding a Brigantine ship, she takes her sister, Katrina, and brother, Will, and tries to escape painful childhood memories.

Lucian Blackwell was sent by his employer to go and bring Constanza and her brother and sister to StoneWater. He believes Mr. Hopkins chose well in hiring Constanza.

Constanza tries to put the bitter life she had growing up behind and start a new one. She was trained to be a surgeon’s assistant and some believe it might come in handy with her new position as governess. On the ship ride over, she never imagined witnessing such horrific circumstances. Lucian arrives to take her to the plantation. She finds him a quiet, calculating type person. In her travels she meets Edward Teache, whom Lucian is certain is Blackbeard the Pirate. Edward had plans to marry Constanza, but his world shatters when he learns she may turn to Lucian. At the age of twenty-eight, Constanza’s world quickly becomes embedded with many obstacles that seem to surmount daily until she finds the happiness she has long searched for.

Bride of Blackbeard is a compelling tale of sorrow, pain, love, and hate. With a cast of characters, each with their own trait, the story is hard to put down. From the moment I started reading about Constanza and her upbringing, I was torn. Each of the people she encounters on her journey has an experience to share, drawing in the reader more. Ms. Chapman sketches a story that tugs at the heartstrings. Her well-researched tale brings many things into light that this reader was not aware of. I believe many will be touched in some way by this extraordinary book that leaves much thought.

~Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance

Brynn Chapman has crafted a story that is a tapestry of lore, legend, and fact. Bride of Blackbeard will leave you asking questions until the last page.

Chapman’s passion for research into the ailments, from the ordinary to the bizarre, drive this book forward and enhance already well-crafted characters. The heroine, Constanza, is exactly as the author shows: unique, unconventional and a champion for rejected and lonely. Hero Lucian is a refreshing mix of vulnerability and strength. And tiny Meg has a bit of us all in her. At some point we all feel as she has—alone, with our only recourse to lock ourselves away in a world all our own and hope someone will listen. Chapman’s medical background definitely adds to this book, and the author notes at the end were a definite plus.

Parts of the plot could have been focused more as I found myself pulled in by certain aspects of her writing more than others, but Bride of Blackbeard made me concerned for the characters and curious to learn more about the pirate himself.

For this reader that is a mark of good fiction.

~Jennifer Linforth, Author, Historical Fiction and Romance






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