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Reviews for Blue Moon Enchantment

Multiple Authors



Legend has it that a blue moon is enchanted. What happens when talented authors utilize this theme to create enthralling stories of love?

Dawn Thompson’s enchanting tale, Under a Faery Blue Moon continues the antics of Oberon and Puck after the misadventures previously encountered in Belle of the Blue Moon Ball in BLUE MOON MAGIC. Tatiana, Queen of the Faeries, follows after them only to find herself an accidental victim of their pranks.

Under a Faery Blue Moon is a humorous tale showcasing the spectacular wit of Dawn Thompson. While this story stands alone on its own merits, fans will eagerly rush to purchase the first anthology to see just what else happens when Oberon and Puck begin their scheming. Ms. Thompson’s lyrical writing style opens this anthology on just the right note!

The Anti-Kissing League by Leanne Burroughs is a phenomenal historical tale surrounding the story of Millie Baker and Geoffrey Standish. Geoffrey is pure 1900s New Yorker while Millie lives in a small town where kissing even your husband is believed to cause crop failure! Will Millie and Geoffrey be able to overcome their differences on this blue moon?

The entire concept behind The Anti-Kissing League is simply a hoot! The interactions between Millie and Geoffrey are funny but the attitude of the townspeople makes this one a real laugh-out-loud story. Leanne Burroughs displays sheer genius at combining such fantastic humor with a sweet romance that is sure to enchant readers new to her works.

In Leap of Faith by Jill and Julia, Marcella Richards is a successful attorney who has it all- except for her the man she once had and still loves. A chance wish on a blue moon and the assistance of gnomette Lola Lewinsky give Marcella a second chance at love.

Leap of Faith is a heartwarming time-travel story. Jill and Julia do an excellent job at conveying the loneliness Marcella experiences in spite of all of her material belongings. Their eloquent tribute to the power of love is touching and sure to garner them some fans.

The Star Traveler by Victoria Houseman focuses on Hayley Stone and Donovan de Lyon, both secretly desiring love. Hayley’s mother recently died while Donovan is being prepped to take over the family business as the Master Star Traveler, a job he isn’t interested in. Will a blue moon wish help these two lonely hearts find one another?

The Star Traveler offers a bit of science fiction in BLUE MOON ENCHANTMENT. The concept of Star Travelers who serve as intergalactic matchmakers is a fascinating one. Wishing on a blue moon has a bit of additional excitement when one considers that a Star Traveler may be listening to grant your wish!

A Blue Vacation by Michelle Scaplen chronicles the coming-out-of-her-shell of plain Brenda Blake. Brenda has always feared taking risks until her flashy coworker’s relationship with gorgeous Nick Shelton ends and her coworker gives her their tickets to Bermuda. Brenda’s world is about to be turned upside down in this fun story.

A Blue Vacation takes readers on a fantastic journey as Brenda dares to take a few risks and finds out a lot about herself. Brenda’s self-examination and willingness to venture into the unknown will strike a chord with readers as her character is very believable. Brenda’s transformation is a sheer delight to read!

Blue Moon Magic by Ann Marie Bradley is a superb paranormal tale in which Claire Jacobs is hired to renovate Hotel Castle into a luxurious resort. Hired by Rob Archer, Claire immediately falls in love with the hotel and the legend of the ghostly Lord Archer. What surprises will the blue moon deliver to Claire?

Blue Moon Magic is a hauntingly good tale! Ann Marie Bradley perfectly captures the ambience of Hotel Castle and brings the tale of Lord Archer to life. The slight touch of intrigue adds an aura of mystery and accentuates the overall ghostly aura. Fans will delight in this beautifully written story.

Patty Howell’s Muses in the Moonlight poignantly portrays Calli Winson’s quest to find where she fits in. She returns to her hometown where she meets pastor Jacob Isaacs. Will Calli begin looking forward to her future or stay mired in the past?

Muses in the Moonlight is a heart-warming story about coming home. Patty Howell’s excellent portrayal of Calli’s past heartbreaks will resonate with readers. Calli’s painful journey is counterbalanced by Jacob’s optimism. This fresh take on coming home packs a powerful emotional punch!

Gerri Bowen’s Blue Moon Reunion is a historical tale in which Lady Piper of Auban has struggled to keep the people of Escewiche safe ever since the death of her first and only love, Sir Robin. But Sir Robin never actually died and was instead imprisoned, believing Piper behind it all. What can a blue moon do to salvage the love once shared by these two?

Gerri Bowen’s writing transports the reader to a time long past. She tastefully handles the marital hardships faced by Piper while providing the necessary depth that makes this story so powerful. This emotional tale of reconciliation is superb and sure to garner Ms. Bowen some new fans!

A Wish Times Three by Jeanne Van Arsdall is the sweet story of Kathleen McDowell’s emotional reawakening. Since the death of her husband 3 years ago, Kathleen has forsaken all chances at love. However, the sexy Kevin Collins is determined to break through Kathleen’s barriers.

Jeanne Van Arsdall’s tale of a woman daring to love again is touching. Kevin’s willingness to wait until Kathleen is ready makes him the perfect romantic hero. The clever inclusion of Kathleen’s niece, Siena, adds a light touch to this otherwise deeply emotional story.

Beneath the Velvet Blue Moon by Candace Gold chronicles the power of first love when coupled with a blue moon. Nadine Stone met Michael Greene when she was only nineteen but circumstances separated them. Now, years later she has to decide whether to marry another man- or will the blue moon wish from many years ago come true?

Candace Gold’s bittersweet tale demonstrates how enduring love really is. Nadine’s continued memory of the bliss she once shared with Michael is simply beautiful. The emotional impact of Beneath the Velvet Moon will leave nary a reader with a dry eye!

In Deborah MacGillivray’s Devil in Spurs, Desdein Deshaunt wears many guises, including that of the Robin Hood-like highwayman Devil in Spurs, in an effort to avenge his father. Now, his brother’s life is at risk and he kidnaps Lady Ashlyn Findlater in hopes of setting things right. What happens when Desdein’s plans go awry?

Deborah MacGillivray continues to demonstrate repeatedly her masterful writing talents with the superb Devil in Spurs. Ashlyn’s tale of loneliness with only her elderly cat, Cecil, as her friend is simply heartbreaking. Her devoted attention to Cecil is poignant and deeply telling of her personal life. Ms. MacGillivray does a masterful job at creating multidimensional characters and producing very emotional, moving stories.

BLUE MOON ENCHANTMENT is a wonderful, themed anthology filled with phenomenal stories by eleven extraordinarily talented authors. Readers will find a wide variety of time periods and styles showcased in this superb anthology. BLUE MOON ENCHANTMENT is sure to offer a little bit of something for everyone!

Reviewed by Debbie, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

Rating: 5 Stars *****
A short synopsis of each story (and there are eleven) follows:

Under the Faery Blue Moon by Dawn Thompson
Set in the Regency era. In the previous companion book "Blue Moon Magic", Puck and Oberon had caused chaos at a Blue Moon Ball. The pair had slipped something into the claret bowl in hopes of bringing a pair of humans together in love. Instead, the targeted pair were the only two who did NOT drink it. All the other humans are now lusting after each other and doing all sorts of things in the garden. It is up to Tatiana, Queen of the Faeries, to straighten it all out.

The Anti-Kissing League by Leanne Burroughs
Set in 1909. Geoffrey Standish left New York to spend the summer in Georgia and help his Aunt Ida Mae and Uncle Henry on their farm. The town had sunned Geoff's parents long ago, so he really did not want to be in the small backwater town. However, had he not come to Georgia, he would never have met Millie.

Leap of Faith by Jill and Julia
Marcella Richards is the best Chicago attorney around and over due for a much needed vacation. As usual, the only thing she can think of is Drew. He was the man she had hoped to marry eight years ago, but lost instead. While her thoughts dwelled on the past, Marcella makes a wish on the blue moon. However, she never expects to see a doll-sized gnomette appear and offer to send her back in time for a second chance at love.

The Star Traveler by Victoria Houseman
Set in South Carolina at the end of June, 2007. Dr. Hayley Stone specialized in fertility treatments. When her mother fell ill, Hayley quit everything to be with and care for her. Now her mother has passed away and Hayley feels adrift. Alice, an old friend of the family, tells Hayley about a legend which states that the night of the blue moon brings the Star Traveler, one who grants wishes of true love to those who truly believe and deserve it... Donovan de Lyon is a Star Traveler and everyone in his family seems to be urging him to find his special woman. But Donovan only wants everyone to stay out of his love life. In the meantime, Earth is having a blue moon, which means he has a busy night of magical work ahead of him. As Donovan approaches Earth, his spaceship's main computer (Rachel) decides to meddle in his love life too.

A Blue Vacation by Michelle Scaplen
Brenda Blake is an office data entry clerk who has not had a vacation in over four years. Then one morning Nick, a head salesman, and Tori, the slinky secretary, have an argument and break up. The couple had planned to spend time in the Bahamas in the near future. Tori gives her ticket to Brenda, who gladly accepts. So with a funky new haircut and determined to enjoy herself, Brenda is off to the Caribbean. However, Brenda never expects to find Nick as a roommate!

Blue Moon Magic by Ann Marie Bradley
Interior designer Claire Jacobs leaves her dead end job and accepts an offer in Key West, Florida. Upon the beach sets a lovely mansion fashioned after an 1886 European country castle. Claire's job is to give "Hotel Castle" a face lift and transform it into a twenty-first century luxury resort. Fred, the manager, informs Claire about Lord Archer, the earl who had the place built for his fiancée long ago, only for her to mysteriously disappear a week before they were to wed. The earl died shortly afterward. Folks say that Lord Archer now haunts the castle. Rob Archer, the owner of the hotel, was indisposed and would not be able to meet with Claire, but gave her free reign over the place. That night Claire strolled the beach under the blue moon and finds a man's ring...

Muses in the Moonlight by Patty Howell
As a child Calli Winson was abandoned. She was raised in Allenvale by a wonderful, loving couple. But Calli always wondered why she had been abandoned. Now grown, Calli is an anthropologist at the Smithsonian in Maryland. Her adopted parents died ten years prior and she returns to Allenvale, Pennsylvania, to place flowers on their graves. Overwhelmed with emotions one night, Calli yells at the blue moon. That is how she meet Jacob Isaacs, a pastor at a local church. He offers her a friendly ear and they spend a long time talking. As they part, Jacob makes a wish.

Blue Moon Reunion by Gerri Bowen
Lady Piper of Auban has always been told to be careful what she wishes for. Piper is not sure what she would wish for in a man though. There has been three men in her life. The first was Sir Robin of Escewiche. But he ended up abandoning her. He was followed by two others who were cruel. If Piper ever wished for a man, it would be one like Robin, but he would not abandon her...Robin never abandoned Piper. He is currently a prisoner, chained in a dungeon. During all his horrible days he believes Piper to be the cause of his imprisonment. He wants nothing more than to have his revenge. During the next blue moon, Robin makes his wish.

A Wish Times Three by Jeanne Van Arsdall
Kathleen is an author with a looming deadline. Yet when her sister asks for her to care for Siena while she and her husband go to England for awhile, Kathleen still agrees. Siena is seven-years-old. Her teacher is out on maternity leave. The substitute is Dr. Kevin Collins, an archeologist. After a few accidental meetings between Kathleen, Siena, and Kevin, the little girl invites Kevin over for lasagna. It just so happens that the blue moon is approaching. Siena and Kevin have their wishes ready. But Kathleen is hesitant.

Beneath the Velvet Blue Moon by Candace Gold
Nadine Stone and her parents spent summers at Lake Flint. At the age of nineteen, Nadine met Michael Greene. Under the light of the blue moon, they promised to meet each other next year in the same place. But Nadine loses her cellular phone, which had Michael's phone number on it, and then her parents died in a car wreck. Nadine was unable to return to Lake Flint as she'd promised and Michael never contacted her. If they were to ever see each other again, it would take a miracle.

Devil in Spurs by Deborah MacGillivray
Desdein Deshaunt has waited twenty long years to get his revenge. Back then the Earl Whitmore and Viscount Kildorne murdered his father, but it could not be proven. By day Desdein is a horse breeder. While with the Ton he masquerades as a titled fop, the Marquis de Fournier. But during the deep night hours, he is the notorious highwayman known as the "Devil in Spurs". All was going well until his younger brother, Jeremy, did something rash and got arrested by Edward Findlater (Viscount Kildorne) who is currently the local area's magistrate. To rescue Jeremy, the Devil in Spurs kidnaps Lady Ashlyn and sends her magistrate father a note of ransom. Problem is that Desdein is attracted to his hostage, as well as her mangy old tabby cat, Cyril. Worse, Ashlyn reveals to him that her father believes her to be worthless and will not agree to bargain with the Devil.

***** This is the second book in the Blue Moon anthology series. The first, titled "Blue Moon Magic", was released only a few months ago and is still selling wildly. I predict that this companion book will do as well. Short stories are even harder to write than full length novels and this anthology has FIFTEEN magical tales by various authors. If you want some sweet dreams, read one of two of these stories just before bed. Terrific! *****

(Reviewed by Detra Fitch)

Huntress Book Reviews



Rating: 5 Stars *****

Highland Press once again offers readers another brilliant anthology to amuse and entertain. This break through publishing house has once again composed a series of short stories that are based on the magical elements of a Blue Moon.

Under the Faery Blue Moon by Dawn Thompson--Once again readers are treated to the high jinx of Puck and Oberon with Ms. Thompson's continuing story first begun in the anthology Blue Moon Magic. A love potion met for one certain couple is taken by everyone except the intended targets...what will Tatiana do?

The Anti-Kissing League by Leanne Burroughs--A good son spends his summer in Georgia helping family. It was the last place he wanted to be and the only place he finds love.

Leap of Faith by Jill and Julia offers a Chicago attorney a second chance at a happy ending with the one man she loved and lost eight years earlier after wishing on a blue moon.

The Star Traveler by Victoria Houseman--Haley Stone gives up everything in order to help her dieing mother. Now alone and despondent a family friend tells her about wishing to the star traveler. Will Haley find her happy ending in the form of a wish?
A Blue Vacation by Michelle Scaplen--Two people are going to wind up in the right place at the right time in the Bahamas. Brenda and Nick have no idea what this trip is going to end up giving them.

Blue Moon Magic by Ann Marie Bradley--Claire Jacobs moves to Florida in order to help restore an old hotel. Claire is about to experience all the magic a Blue Moon can offer and more.

Muses in the Moonlight by Patty Howell--Calli Winston was abandoned as a child and when she looses her foster parents she takes her pain out on the Blue Moon. The moon hears her pleas and sends her someone to love.
Blue Moon Reunion by Gerri Bowen--Lady Piper Auban has not experienced the best luck with men. The one man she thought would never leave her is Robin. But, Robin is in a dungeon and thinks his current situation is because of Piper. This bold man makes a wish on a blue moon but will his wish come true?

A Wish Times Three by Jeanne Van Arsdall--Kathleen agrees to take care of her niece while her sister can enjoy an vacation despite the fact she has her own issues. With a little help from a blue moon three wishes are made but will they come true?

Beneath the Velvet Blue Moon by Candace Gold--One summer Nadine is with her parents at Flint Lake and she meets Michael. They both agree to meet again same time next year but life gets in the way and if these two are ever going to meet again they're going to need the help of a Blue Moon.

Devil in Spurs by Deborah MacGillivray--Desdein Deshaunt has many different faces he shows the world with one of them being the "Devil in Spurs" a dangerous highwayman. When is younger brother is arrested he needs to rescue him and kidnaps the magistrates daughter Ashlyn. This decision is going to change Desdein's life in more ways than one. Perhaps he will finally find love.

There are stories here for every taste and desire. Time Travel, historicals, contemporaries. This is a strong effort that is anchored by Dawn Thompson and Deborah MacGillivray with wonderful new talent that you will want to keep an eye out for. This read will be a perfect addition for your keep shelf.

~Kristi Ahlers, Romance Writer



Copyright 2005-2005 Leanne Burroughs