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Reviews for Blue Moon Magic

Multiple Authors



A short synopsis of each story (there are ten) follows:

Bell of the Blue Moon Ball by Dawn Thompson is a regency. Oberon, the king of faeries, and the notorious Puck plan to have Lady Arabella and the Earl of Everton fall in love by drinking from a bespelled bowl of claret during a ball set on the night of a blue moon. Unfortunately, everyone EXCEPT the two drink the claret.

Where Sea Meets Skye by Erin Hatton is set in the present date. Hurt by her boyfriend's betrayal, Celine left Canada to visit Scotland. The unemployed Marine Biologist goes to the Isle of Skye to view the seals. She never expects to meet the selkies.

Under the Pale Moonlight by Katherine Smith is a historical romance. Arthur Cameron had been born with a malformed foot, but never let it get in the way of what he wanted to do. Yet when it comes to Lady Alicia, he sees himself as inferior and unworthy of her love.

Spellbound by Aysel Arwen is a paranormal romance. It could be set at any time, but seems to be set in the present. Emma loses her mother's wedding ring in some ruins. She returns under cover of the night in hopes of locating it. However, she finds more than just a circle of gold. She finds a love that comes along only once in a blue moon. First before anything else, Emma must break the enchantment upon him.

Suddenly You by Jaquelin Lorin is a time travel that begins in the present date. Celine has spent months restoring a portrait from around the 1870's. When she wishes she knew who the man was, Celine finds herself zapped back in time to meet him.

Blue Moon and the Warrior by Lee Roland is a paranormal. Allison camps out in the Utah desert, under a full moon, and dreams about a magical carnival. Within the carnival, she meets the perfect man. But will Allison recognize him when she meets him again in the real world?

Secret of the Blue Moon by Billie Warren Chai is set in the present time. Zoey left New Mexico with no word to Jack. For twelve years Jake hated her for disappearing. Now he is a major in the Air Force. He pilots a rescue helicopter. When a storm hits, he is forced to land at Apache Indian Hospital with his injured patients. But he never expects to find that little Zoey is now the doctor in charge of the ER. And he is about to learn just how badly he has misjudged her.

Darkness and Dreams by Kimberly Ivey is a paranormal romance set in the present date. Paloma lost her husband a year ago due to a drunk driver. Now she volunteers at a local hospital. Her life changes when her psychic (or is that insane?), elderly neighbor claims that one of the comatose patients Paloma reads to is really her husband in a different body.

The Healer by Leanne Burroughs is a historical romance set in the Highlands (with characters from Highland Wishes and Her Highland Rogue). The Laird of Clan Drummond cares deeply for his supposed captive, Tory, though he thinks no one knows. When Tory gets poisoned, the chieftain has Warwick, his most trusted warrior, fetch the healer named Agnes. Agnes may be up in age, but she knows almost instantly how her laird feels about Tory. But that is not her concern. Agnes only fears her own reactions to Warwick.

Rider in the Storm by Deborah MacGillivray is set in the present time. Ciara's fiancÚ, Derek, died in a car wreck exactly seven years ago tonight. She still grieves, but knows it is time to move on. After visiting Derek's grave one last time to say farewell, Ciara makes a wish upon the full blue moon. She wishes to begin living again. As Ciara drives home a storm breaks out. She is startled to see a car sitting in the exact spot Derek had died so long ago. Knowing it to be a bad idea, she stops and offers the stranded man a lift into town. Ciara is about to learn that miracles still happen.

**** This magical anthology has something for everyone. Regency, historical, time travel, contemporary, futuristic, and even delves into the magical realms of faeries, selkies, vampires, and the supernatural. All the tales have one thing in common. Each revolve around a full blue moon and the magical wishes made upon it. I loved every second that my imagination was immersed into these tales. As you read each story, you WILL find yourself believing in magic. And I bet you will be checking your calendar to see when the next blue moon will be. Outstanding! ****

(Reviewed by Detra Fitch)

Huntress Book Reviews


Blue Moon Magic is an anthology of ten delightful short stories by ten authors. Topics vary from tender love stories to time travel to a variety of paranormal tales.

Every story is built around one theme - the magical aura of a blue moon. For those who aren't familiar with the term "Blue Moon" - When a single month has two full moons, the second full moon is called a Blue Moon. A blue moon occurs about every two and a half years. Legend tells us that if a person wishes on a blue moon, their wish will come true. The wish doesn't even need to be spoken aloud. The blue moon, it seems, can read minds. Does the moon really turn blue? Sometimes, the legend says, if the wish is granted.

And so it is in the stories in "Blue Moon Magic." Take, for instance, a young man who feels inadequate because he walks with a crutch. He has chosen to be alone - until a persistent miss wishes on a blue moon. In another story, the mischievous fairy, Puck, brings two strangers together at the Blue Moon Ball. Or, in a sweet time travel, a young lady finds herself back in the 1870's where she meets a man who she fell in love with while restoring a hundred and thirty year old portrait.

These are stories of love and magic, of lonely people finding their soul mates with the help of the blue moon. As with all anthologies, the stories differ, not only in content, but also in the skill of the author. Yet, every one held my attention and drew me into the aura of "Blue Moon Magic."

~Florence Cardinal is a member of the Calgary Association of RWA (CaRWA).

BLUE MOON MAGIC is an enchanting anthology by 10 fabulous authors who based their stories upon the premise that a wish under a blue moon will be granted. With stories ranging from historical to the contemporary, readers will be drawn in immediately. So step inside the pages of this book to discover how BLUE MOON MAGIC works....

"Belle of the Blue Moon Ball" by Dawn Thompson opens the anthology with a delightful tale of how the King of the Faeries, Oberon, and Puck unite Lady Arabella Gilmartin with the Earl of Everton, Nigel. Puck and Oberon's exploits are priceless and readers will relish their antics in this historical story as Puck manages to enchant the bowl of claret, with all the party members drinking it except the two they are aiming for!

Erin E.M. Hatton's "Where the Sea Meets the Skye" is a haunting contemporary tale of a woman searching for her dream. After her job prospects as a marine biologist fail, Celine Terreau travels to Scotland where she encounters the mysterious Ronan Morrison who has a "sea-cret" of his own! Ms. Hatton does a spectacular job at drawing the reader into the emotions of the characters and creating an aura of mystery.

"Under the Pale Moonlight" by Katherine Smith is the sweet story of Lady Alicia McCray and Arthur Cameron. Arthur believes himself unfit for Alicia due to a disability that keeps him from dancing. Ms. Smith uses great sensitivity in addressing Arthur's disability and weaves an endearing tale that will warm readers' hearts.

Aysel Arwen's "Spellbound" is the sensual tale of Emma MacPherson and Alexander Grant. Emma is lonely and searching for her mother's wedding ring when she encounters and ultimately rescues the bespelled Highlander from the Lady of the Loch. Ms. Arwen has written one of the best opening lines ever to a story and the reader will be immediately "Spellbound" by this enchanting story.

"Suddenly You" by Jaquelin Lorin is a fantastic time-travel in which art restorer Celine Chauvin is catapulted back to the 1870s where she meets her Mr. Gorgeous from the painting, Rhys Butler. Ms. Lorin does a fabulous job at capturing the historical flavor of the 1870s as well as Celine's reaction to her experience. The red dress is an excellent touch and demonstrates the author's attention to detail.

Lee Roland's "Blue Moon and the Warrior" is the endearing tale of teacher Allison McClure and Richard Fallon who meet in a dreamy world as Cailin and Cahir. Allison is an admirable figure as she chases her dream of love while sacrificing in her career.

Billie Warren Chai's "Secret of the Blue Moon" is a heart-wrenching story of second chances for Dr. Zoey Blackstone and Jake Runningbear. Prejudices separated them when they were younger but now BLUE MOON MAGIC will bring them back together. This fascinating tale of love overcoming prejudices is both gut-wrenching and instructional as the reader is thrilled with Zoey for overcoming such hardships, including her horrific treatment at the hands of ignorance.

Kimberly Ivey's "The Darkness and the Dreams" focuses on Paloma Delatorre's dedication to volunteering at a local hospital after the tragic death of her fiancÚ, Robert. She initially suspects her neighbor, Grandma Bikini, has finally lost her mind when she tells Paloma that Robert's soul is now in the body of comatose patient, David Hopkins. What ensues is an inspiring tale of how love can transcend all barriers, including death. Grandma Bikini is truly a hoot as well and will leave readers hoping for another glimpse of her!

"The Healer" by Leanne Burroughs is a vivid historical tale revolving around an auld healer, Agnes, who is reluctantly dragged to the Drummond castle to tend to the laird's English captive, Tory, who has been poisoned. In the process, an attraction develops between Agnes and Warrick, the laird's warrior. This riveting story is a fascinating portrait that demonstrates that love can flourish at any age in any time.

The anthology concludes with Deborah MacGillivray's mesmerizing tale, "The Rider in the Storm". Ciera MacIain has grieved for 7 years over the death of her fiancÚ, Derek. At the exact spot of his death and on the anniversary of the fatal accident, she meets Roarke Devlin who knows things only Derek would know. This haunting tale will send shivers down your spine and leave tears in your eyes as Ms. MacGillivray breathes life into the characters.

BLUE MOON MAGIC is an anthology that offers a bit of magic for everyone. These fascinating and compelling tales of wishes fulfilled on a blue moon will convince even the hardest of hearts about the power of love. Kudos to all of the authors involved as this is one anthology in which every single story delivers a powerful punch!

July 14, 2006



..a perfect read for late at night...

Blue Moon Magic
Highland Press
May 2006

Dawn Thompson, Erin Hatton, Katherine Smith, Aysel Arwen, Jaquelin Lorin, Lee Roland, Billie Warren Chai, Kimberly Ivey, Leanne Burroughs, Deborah MacGillivray.

Blue Moon Magic is an enchanting collection of short stories. Each author wrote with the same theme in mind but each story has its' own uniqueness. You should have no problem finding a tale to suit your mood. Blue Moon Magic offers historicals, contemporaries, time travel, paranormal, and futuristic narratives to tempt your heart.

Legend says that if you wish with all your heart upon the rare blue moon, your wishes were sure to come true. Each of the heroines discovers this magical fact. True love is out there if you just believe in it. In some of the stories, love happens in the most unusual ways. Angels may help, ancient spells may be broken, anything can happen. Even vampires will find their perfect mate with the power of the blue moon. Not every heroine believes they are wishing for love, some are just looking for answers to their problems or nagging questions. Fate seems to think the solution is finding the one who makes their heart sing.

The diversity within this book is sure to please.

Blue Moon Magic is a perfect read for late at night or even during your commute to work. The short yet sweet stories are a wonderful way to spend a few minutes. If you do not have the time to finish a full-length novel, but hate stopping in the middle of a loving tale, I highly recommend grabbing this book.

~Kim Swiderski, Writers Unlimited Reviewer
August, 2006


If you have been waiting, and wishing, for a romance anthology to come along and impress the heck out of your dewy-eyed, impatient-to-reach-a-happy-ending inner romantic, wish no more, dear reader! Blue Moon Magic from Highland Press is a quality collection of teasing, pleasing romantic novellas that will introduce (and in some cases, re-introduce) readers to ten talented authors. All of whom have a unique view of the magic that can transpire beneath a Blue Moon, that rare and wonderfully bewitching astrological event.

While there are no drawn-out courtships or epic-sized love stories to be found within its pages, this is a must-read anthology for enthusiasts of the genre -- especially those delighting in the discovery of fresh, new, exciting talent. Indeed, with so many writers and stories to choose from, you'll be hard-pressed to pick a favorite!

Dawn Thompson's Belle of the Blue Moon Ball is the opening yarn in this anthology, and sets the mood (and scene) quite nicely for all of the delights to come. What could be more magical than a romance given a gentle hoof, er, nudge by a fae, "puckish" matchmaker? Lady Arabella Gilmartin and Lord Nigel Reardon could certainly use the help, though Puck is a wee bit incompetent with his matchmaking, potion-brewing and well-meaning interference. A sweet, funny tale, all in all!

Erin E. M. Hatton's Where Sea Meets Skye has young marine biologist, Celine, curing her recent heartbreak and disappointment by means of a daring swim with a handsome stranger...a handsome and otherworldly stranger. Aye, man and myth collide in this star-crossed (albeit, hopeful) Scottish romance, where the miraculous and the mysterious are potent possibilities.

Katherine Smith's Under the Pale Moonlight, on the other hand, appears to be a more conventional offering. However, there is an exceptional quality to the developing romance between love-leery Arthur Cameron (he of the "disabled" foot) and Lady Alicia McCray, an earl's daughter and the determined young lady intent on marrying the man she loves. Although not to be confused with romance author Kathryn Smith, this author is definitely a sparkling gem to keep in one's sights.

Aysel Arwen's Spellbound possesses yet more ties to Scotland's myths and legends of yore. Emma MacPherson is unaware that her midnight companion is somewhat less than ordinary, however, and quickly settles under the captivating spell of Alexander Grant, Captain of the Guard for Castle Urquhart, a modern-day tourist attraction. Arwen's novella certainly has a powerful and special appeal, and the writing is the most polished I have yet to read from this author.

Jaquelin Lorin's Suddenly You pairs modern-day art restorer, Celine Chauvine, with her very own Rhys Butler aboard a nineteenth century riverboat. The man in the portrait she has been restoring is even more gorgeous up close and personal. He is also very suspicious of Celine's sudden appearance and her motives for being aboard the riverboat (since her name is not on the passenger list). While time-travel may only happen once in a blue moon, Lorin's contribution to this anthology is definitely a striking diversion -- dangling threads, notwithstanding.

Lee Roland's Blue Moon and the Warrior has complications aplenty, and is a hauntingly surrealistic romance. Ever since visiting a carnival out in the middle of nowhere, Allison is a woman changed; and a woman haunted by an unforgettable night. Will she ever meet her "warrior" outside of her dreams? And will she even know him when she sees him? Not an ordinary tale, this, with its poignant mysticism and sharp, all-seeing intelligence.

Billie Warren Chai's Secrets of the Blue Moon is a bittersweet tale of reunion. Cruel manipulations destroyed Dr. Zoey Blackstone's relationship with Jake Runningbear twelve years ago, making it impossible to repair...Or so she had thought. Has she been given a second chance to make things right? Warren Chai's main conflict may have an all too predictable source, but Zoey and Jake are sweethearts destined for a happy ending.

Kimberly Ivey's The Darkness and the Dreams pays haunting tribute to a man's undying love for his wife. If only Paloma knew how close her husband, Robert, really was -- or to what lengths he is willing to go in order to keep her close, and their love alive. Hints of the paranormal are an evocative, compelling, anything-is-possible force in Ivey's novella, so keep a box of tissues close to hand.

Leanne Burroughs' The Healer has ties to her two Scottish historicals. Proud Scots healer, Agnes, and her aging warrior lover, Warwick, are unique lovers, and will entertain a reader with their antics. Theirs is an age-old dance of courtship, of engage and retreat, thrust and parry -- especially for furiously independent Agnes. Burroughs' characters bring light and life to this tale.

The closing installment of this anthology is DeborahAnne MacGillivray's Rider in the Storm. Haunted by the death of her fiancÚ, Ciara MacIain has never truly gotten over the events of seven years past, has never truly accepted that her life must go on without Derek. Granted, she has taken steps to do so this very night, but her heart has remained sheltered by memories of her former love for so long that she has almost forgotten what it is to like to truly feel and want. A sexy stranger will bizarrely stirred these memories to renewed life, however, while kindling a new sense of hope. MacGillivray's "twist" may disquiet some, but there is a haunting sense of rightness to this dark, brooding, hope-filled romance.

My overall verdict is this, dear reader: order this anthology. Blue Moon Magic is an anthology that has quality at its core and romance at its heart. Quick reading has its advantages, and this diverse release from Highland Press is an invitation to enjoy them all. (You may also want to be on the look-out for Book 2 in the Once in a Blue Moon Anthologies, Blue Moon Enchantment.)

Reviewed by Cheryl Jeffries, Heartstrings Reviews
Date posted: September 12, 2006



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