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Reviews for Camelot's Enchantment

Cynthia Breeding


The intrigue of gods, Faerie, and mortals leap from the eternal land of Faerie to modern times. Camelot’s Enchantment is a highly original and captivating tale.

~Joy Nash, USA TODAY bestselling author



4.50 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick

"Camelot's Enchantment" was a fascinating book about what could have happened differently with King Arthur and his knights. I am a huge fan of anything relating to this time period and of fairies as well. This story blended the two topics perfectly. The only complaint I could offer for this book is that in the beginning, it is a bit difficult to keep all the characters straight, especially Morgan le Fey and Morgana. The story is a perfect romance, with a healthy dose of sex mixed in. Readers are sure to get a new outlook on the Knights of the Round Table and their courageous king.

They might even find a bit of a history lesson in the action packed paragraphs too. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good fantasy story. The descriptions are so vivid, it's like you are really in the scene with the complex, memorable characters. This is one story I'll be reading multiple times. The final page leaves a bit to be desired but hopefully, there will be a sequel. If not, readers will be responsible for creating their own ideal ending.

~S. Trimble, Night Owl Reviews

Camelot’s Enchantment is not a retelling of the story as we know it. Instead, it extends the story into the land of Faerie in such a way that seems tangible. We get to know Lancelot and Gwenhwyfar as well as the Faerie queen, Morgan, and her demigod consort, Cernunnos. Anyone who loves reading stories of Arthur, Gwenhwyfar and Lancelot will love this book.

~Janice, San Antonio Romance Authors

RT Rating - 4 stars

Breeding once again transports readers to another realm where fairies rule and legends live on. It’s a thrilling world where the Queen of the Fairies learns the truth about love and two souls set upon a magical journey that begins with the unfurling of a long-awaited prophecy.

In the world of Faerie, Morgan Le Fay is eagerly anticipating the arrival of Lancelot and the seduction that’s sure to follow. However, even as she attempts the liaison, her heart is not in it. She begins to realize that what she really wants is for her consort, Cernunnos, to love her as she is beginning to love him. Cernunnos is confused and just wants things between him and Morgan to return to normal. But when the two are forced through a time portal into the future, they must rely on each other to keep evil from taking over.

~ Highland, RT Reviews, June 2011


“I won’t deny you are beautiful, Morgan. But I can—and will—resist your temptations because there is something better than bedding a woman for lust.”

Morgan stared at him, so surprised that the wind abated and her gown floated back down. “There isn’t anything better than that!”

“Yes, there is.” Lancelot bowed to her and turned to walk away. Before he left the garden, he stopped and faced Morgan. “It’s called love.”

Cynthia Breeding’s immersion in the Arthurian legend comes through in Camelot’s Enchantment. Anyone who loves reading the stories of Arthur and Lancelot and Gwenhwyfar will love this book.

Camelot’s Enchantment is not a retelling of the story as we know it. Instead, it extends the story past what we think of as common knowledge, and takes us into Faerie in such a way that it seems tangible. We get to know Lancelot and Gwenhwyfar as well as Faerie queen Morgan and her demigod consort, Cernunnos. No longer are Lancelot and Gwenhwyfar burdened by the guilt of betraying Arthur; they are free to express their love for one another freely, and they do so often, much to the chagrin of Morgan and Cernunnos. Morgan’s attempts to seduce Lancelot fail over and over again, as do Cernunnos’ attempts to seduce Gwenhwyfar. How can Lancelot resist the wiles of the Queen of Faerie? How can Gwenhwyfar ignore the passion offered by a demigod? These behaviors make no sense to Morgan and Cernunnos, who are used to getting their own way. And the answer they consistently receive from Lancelot and Gwenhwyfar, “LOVE,” is a foreign concept.

The book is more than an introduction to true love for Morgan and Cernunnos, however. In the real world, the world outside Faerie, intrigue brings Arthur and Nimue back from
self-imposed exile to meet—unexpectedly—an evil link to Arthur’s past that has the potential to destroy not only the real world but Faerie as well. As these two story lines weave back and forth, everyone we love comes into harm’s way, one dies as a result of the evil intrigue, and there’s even a surprising foray into the 21st Century for Morgan and Cernunnos. All is not lost, however. Surviving the 21st Century without their powers helps Morgan and Cernunnos ultimately come to understand what true love is and revel in the discovery that what they have together IS love.

Camelot’s Enchantment leaves the reader wanting more. It truly is a page-turner, and has whetted my appetite for more of Cynthia Breeding’s imaginative take on Arthur, Nimue, Lancelot, Gwenhwyfar, and the Knights of the Round Table after Camelot.

~Janice Edgerson, SARA, San Antonio Romance Writers



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