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Reviews for Charades
Polly McCrillis


“Charades” by Polly McCrillis is the first book in ‘The Games People Play' series and features Reese Adams, a fledgling private investigator who is drawn into a case involving the mother of one of her piano students. This entertaining romantic suspense tale provides a gradually unfolding mystery that ensnares two strangers in a situation that forces them to see beyond the superficiality and learn more about each others' true natures. Tension escalates until the exciting conclusion.

~ELF, Night Owl Reviews




Great Love Story! I couldn't put this book down! Loved it! Romance and mystery. Action and passion. This book takes you through all of them. Reese and Ethan are an unlikely pair and would never have crossed paths were it not for his missing sister and nephew. He grew up with wealth, she in foster homes. Their growing feelings for each other intensify throughout this descriptive story. Now I can't wait to read Hopscotch!>

~Jackie Loehr, Amazon




A wonderful mystery and well crafted romance. The author does a super job with her characters, Reese and Ethan. In less competent hands, Reese and Ethan would be cardboard characters, with a cardboard relationship, but this author knew Reese and Ethan so well that as they discovered and explored their feelings for the other, you knew that the trust given was hard won and hard earned. Fully fleshed out living and breathing people, especially Reese. The villain was also well crafted and creepy. A wonderful story that I highly recommend.>

~Gerri Bowen, Author





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