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Reviews for Flames of Gold Reviews

Leanne Burroughs, Amber Dawn Bell,
Amy Blizzard, Patty Howell, and Judith Leigh


Rating: 3 Cups

A New Tradition, by Leanne Burroughs
Abigail is an advocate of womenís rights and the only daughter of her parents. Their fondest wish is to see her married, but she will not marry someone who does not consider her an equal.  Morgan has graduated from law school but does not know if that is how he wants to spend the rest of his life. He is happy as a bachelor and cannot imagine himself married.  While helping a sick friend by waiting tables at a restaurant, Abigail sees a very handsome man with mischievous eyes. She soon meets him again with a family friend and a romance blossoms until Morgan disappears without word. They meet again by chance and the attraction is still strong. This is a nice tale. The settings of Saratoga in the summer and New York in the winter fit the story perfectly.


The Snowflake Ball, by Amy Blizzard
Chloe is not a Christmas person and working as a doctor in a busy ER does not help. This year they conned her into playing Mrs. Claus.  Woody is a fireman from a family of Christmas fanatics. He is determined to make the beautiful ER doctor treating his cut a fan also.  An ER doctor with an aversion to Christmas finds love and her Christmas spirit in a handsome fireman.  

This is an inspirational and touching love story. The two main characters are very likeable and sympathetic. The hospital setting is very appropriate to the story and the plot is entertaining and flows well.

Chance for a Merry Christmas, by Judith Leigh
Sue has just lost her mother and is going to spend the holidays in Mistletoe with her best friend Kacey who always cheers her up.  Chance is in the Air Force and was wounded in Iraq. Home in Mistletoe, he is happy to be among friends and family, but never dreamed that he would fall in love.  A wounded soldier and a grieving woman meet and fall in love in a Christmasy town called Mistletoe. They must overcome fear of Chanceís job to have a future together.

This is a very inspiring story set in a small town with a Christmas theme. I loved the townspeople and the town. Their love story is very romantic.

A Christmas Flame, by Amber Dawn Bell
Angel is a widow. She lost her husband and newborn child in a fire three years ago and has become a virtual recluse.  Jacob feels guilty because he could not save Angelís family. He also still feels the guilt from not being able to save his sister when he was twelve. his fireman bears scars on the inside as well as the outside.  Three years ago, Angel lost her family in a terrible fire caused by Christmas lights on a dry tree. The fireman who tried to save them all has been haunted by her grief ever since and waits for the day she begins to live again.

This is a sweet story of love lost and found. Both characters have had great loss in their lives and need each other to heal. The little child Elizabeth adds a wonderful touch and I enjoyed reading about Angel and her struggle to learn to live and love again.

Entertaining Angels, by Patty Howell
Gwen is a graphic artist with a strong faith in God. She has strong family values and is always willing to help those in need.  Branson is an FBI agent with a con man for a brother. Bransonís relocation in the Witness Protection Program leads him to his soul mate.  A homeless child and the Christmas season bring a couple together.

This is a tear jerker of a story with very appealing characters and an inspirational message. I loved the little girl and Branson and Gwen make a wonderful couple. The religious message is a little heavy at times, but it is a very good story.

This is a nice collection of short stories with a Christmas theme. The characters are all pretty well developed and the settings range from turn of the century New York to the present. The stories also carry an inspirational theme for the most part and this fits in with the seasonal theme. This is a welcome addition to the usual story collections of the Christmas season.

Maura, Coffee Time Romance

Flames of Gold, is an amazing, heart-warming romance anthology that should be stuffed in every womanís stocking this year! It was perfect, kind of like the way hot chocolate feels when you come in from the cold. Every author brings something warm and inviting to the story youíre reading at the time. There may have been hardships in the characterís pasts, but with a little hope, love, and faith, anything can happen. Hearts that have been hardened against love, will blossom and accept true happiness.
A New Tradition by Leanne Burroughs is a historical Christmas tale, with a love at first sight romance. Abigail at one time loved Morgan, then was infuriated that he just left her in Saratoga Springs without so much as a goodbye, loved him again when he saved her life from a wayward carriage, hated him again when she thought he had a mistressÖ. And then she loved him again. Oh and donít forget the peppermint pig! I loved Ms. Burroughs ideas of how life used to be; she paints the perfect picture of simple times and honest to goodness true love.
The Snowflake Ball by Amy Blizzard is a real tear jerker! This is the story of Chloe and Woody, an ER Doctor without any Christmas spirit and a Fireman that lives to celebrate and spread Christmas cheer. Chloe sees Christmas as the day of her brotherís death, and does not really acknowledge the holiday. It is not until she meets Woody in the ER, turns him down for a date, then sees how wonderful of a man he is, that she realizes that the world does not have to stop, and she can still enjoy the magic of Christmas. Ms. Blizzard had me from the get-go with her lively characters and I enjoyed every moment!
Entertaining Angels by Patty Howell made me fall in love with her writing style, she writes with her emotions and I love that! Ms. Howell makes you cry, but in a good way. In this short story, Gwen finds out that the man she is currently seeing is in the witness protection program, but he does have a very handsome brother that comes to her rescue on that snowy winter night. Branson knew there was something special about Gwen from the moment she laid into him about why he was picking her up from work and not Danson. In the mix, they come across a child that is alone and much too young to be on the streets by herself, this little girl brings joy, love, and hope to Gwen and Branson. She is also taught there is a God, and if she believed with all her heart, good things would happen and her daddy would get well from the accident. While in Gwen and Bransonís care, the little girl Nicky, brings their feelings to light.
Chance for a Merry Christmas by Judith Leigh is a story about loss and love that hits close to home. I think Ms. Leigh has done an impeccable job with this story because with love sometimes comes the fear of the unknown. Sue had just lost her mother, and was not ready to lose someone else she loved so soon. Chance said that being out of the Air Force was not an option so now what could these two do to be together? Let me tell you, distance can make the heart grow fonder, and would it really be so bad to be a military wife? Sue has to make that jump, is her love for the man she has only known a short time, enough to make her throw caution to the wind? Ms. Leigh is just begging you gals to find a military man that is sensitive and caring with this one!
A Christmas Flame by Amber Dawn Bell is a story youíll have to have a box of tissues nearby for. Angel blamed herself for the death of her husband and baby daughter 3 years ago because she had to be stubborn and leave the tree lights on, on Christmas Eve. Jacob was the fireman on duty that night, and he couldnít save them. He lived with that guilt every day, and he had finally had enough, he had to deal with the pain. After running into Angel, there was no turning back. He had to tell her everything, how he felt, how badly he wished he could save her family, and he also had to get off his chest the horrors of his past. He should have been the one to die when he was 12 years old, not his sister and his family made sure he knew that. Time and a little girl, healed his wounds and now he was off to hopefully fill the void and pain within Angel. Ms. Bell pours passion into each and every word of this short story. It made a perfect ending to an amazing anthology!
5 Hearts Without a Doubt!!
Crystal, Book Reviews by Crystal

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