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For Your Heart Only
by Anne Elizabeth, Chryssa Carson, DC DeVane,
Leslie Wainger, and Tara Nina

Overall Rating: 4.0
Sexual Content Rating: Subtle
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Mild
Violent Content Rating: Minimal

Good Vibrations by Anne Elizabeth
Annabelle Dunne is gifted with monkeys. As a monkeyologist, she has earned a coveted position at the San Diego Zoo pursue her theory. Her belief is that by forcing good thoughts/vibrations from you to the monkey, you can calm the wildest of monkeys and tame them—or at least make them able to tolerate humans. She loves her job even though her boss is the poster child for negative energy.

When called into the office, she meets Secret Service Agent Oliver Stephens. He knows all about her and how she got the scar that runs from one side of her face to the other. He arrested her when she was young and idealistic and foolish. He is working with another agent to see if they can get her security clearance because the President of the United States wants to come to the zoo with his daughter and would like to meet her.
Oliver and Annabelle begin to talk after her interview (interrogation). They have a lot more in common than she originally thought. And when sparks start to fly, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen.

Here is a sweet story where looks and scars don’t matter in the end. True love can see beyond anything to the true core of the person. Oliver is stronger than you think and cares more than his Secret Service exterior would show. Can Annabelle find that sensitive heart…and will she allow anything good to grow between them?

Love Acts by Leslie Wainger
When Beth Belfrey accepted a post in Nohoken, CT, she knew she would bust drug lord Bret Teegan and the girl who left Nohoken’s high school with the worst high school career would be lauded as the new hero of Nohoken. Then the love of her life, Will Devlin, will realize that he can’t live without her. And even though he caused the greatest humiliation in her life, she can forgive him and they can make up for lost years together. While her imagination creates the perfect scenario, the reality is that she arrests Will Devlin in her first bust back in Connecticut. That was not how the dream went.

To add insult to injury, she will now be forced to go undercover and pretend they are engaged. She doesn’t even think he remembers who she was back in high school. But, a job is a job and she’s worked too hard to bring down the kingpin of the largest drug ring in New England to not see this to completion. But can her fragile heart survive the pretend engagement to the real man of her dreams—which isn’t even the man she thought he was. How can she ever reconcile her images of the past with the convicted drug addict of the present?

This story caught my attention from the first page and held me until the very last page. You don’t go up against large organized drug rings without a LOT of risk to yourself. I was worried that Beth would end up getting killed by the boss if she slipped up in their fake engagement. A nail biter from the first to the last page, I’m not sure you’ll ever see the ending coming.

Decoding Love by DC DeVane
Belle Cleveland, codename Pathfinder, is a top-notch cryptologist (code breaker) located in the DC office. And when her department is unable to crack a code coming from a person of suspicion, she calls in the new hotshot decoder from New York City. The newbie’s codename is Avalon and she hopes that Avalon lives up to the reputation given.

Beau Devon, codename Avalon, sees code everywhere. And when he can’t crack the mysterious code, even he gets frustrated. But when he and Belle work together, will they crack through each other’s exteriors to find love?

A cute story that is full of whimsy—even though it’s a serious situation involving national security. I enjoyed the way DC DeVane worked humor into a tense situation. The story was great from start to finish and I really enjoyed this installation into the book.

The Fated Heart by Chryssa Carson
Gretchen Zimmerman is in a big mess. After blowing the whistle on some major corporate wrongdoing, her life has been in a tailspin. And when a threatening letter shows up at the place she’s currently working—which is not publicly known—the FBI steps in to put her in witness protection until they figure out who the threat is.
Agent John Scott has been assigned to get her to the safe house and be on the rotations watching over her. It’s hard to see her so vulnerable and lost when she has always been such a strong person. She doesn’t remember him from High School where she was most popular and he was not. And while he tries to keep things on a professional level, his libido would like to get much more personal.

Can he keep the professional demeanor while protecting the girl whose sparkle has always captivated his heart?

I enjoyed this story as I saw it as a little more ‘heady’ of a story. Dealing with finding the errors that led to the whistle blowing and all of the headwork that Gretchen is going through made it totally interesting to me. I enjoy exercising a little of my brain to see how she thinks and how she found the wrongs her company was committing. I believe this is the first Chryssa Carson story I’ve read, but I’ll be looking for more from her.

Mindwarp by Tara Nina
Nolan O’Connell works for TFI, the Treasury Bureau of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence and he’s got a hunch he doesn’t like. A group of individual bank robbers have been caught and while they don’t know each other, their crimes are incredibly similar. He is seeing a pattern with it looking like Fort Knox being the upcoming main target.

When he finds a random clue and follows a hunch, he meets Amelia Morris. He doesn’t want to blow his cover so he keeps his true identity a secret while getting to know her. He finds he genuinely likes her and wants to get to know her better on a personal level. But, since she might be a part of the plot to rob Fort Knox,
I don’t want to give away any of the numerous things that would be plot spoilers for you as the reader. Just trust me that both Amelia and Nolan are dancing on the fine line of love while trying to not fall in too deep with the other. Both are suspicious and wary of each other and they remind me of peacocks flaunting and strutting while hoping the whole time that maybe the other will notice.

If I had to pick a favorite, I think this would be it. It involves intrigue, mystery and ‘spy stuff’ while still having the heartbeat of a romance.

~ Robyn Roberts, Once Upon A Romance





Copyright 2008 Leanne Burroughs