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Reviews for Love on a Harley


by Multiple Authors


Secrets and Lies by Rebecca Andrews - With blackmail, cover-ups and lies from a past event bringing them together again, Wess McKade is hired as a body guard for lingerie model Ella Preston, and they see if they can pick up from where they left off a decade ago.

Leader of the Pack by Debi Farr - On her way to a "Come As You Aren't"party, Charlie, dressed as a hooker, gets a flat tire. Assistance comes from a "cop", but at the party she discovers the truth about her rescuer.

Hitting Paydirt by Billie Warren Chai - When they meet again, Mary Victoria and Craig find there are still some romantic feelings between them that they'd had to abandon years ago, but their future is endangered when Mary Vic's work as an oil driller is endangered by the threat of sabotage.

Teaching Love by Patricia Frank - Schoolteacher Jen has put her car in a ditch when a Harley riding Good Samaritan Dan comes along, and there is attraction between them. But both have been widowed, and while Dan is reluctant to get involved, Jen is ready to find love, and is willing to teach him to love again.

The Man Rides a Harley by Diane Davis White - Attorney Duke Mansfield is hired to defend accountant Susannah Davis who is accused of embezzlement. Neither wants to get close to the other, but they can't
seem to resist.

Bad to the Bone by Deborah MacGillivray - After 20 years away, Jocelyn returns to her home town to sell the upper-class family house where she grew up. Gabriel, having risen in circumstances since his youth, is determined to buy that grand house. Upon meeting again, they each begin to wonder if the feelings for the other kept secret long ago can come to life now.

I really enjoyed the 6 stories from Love on a Harley. It was an adventurous ride filled with humor and romance and everything in between - what a great way to spend the summer days!

Tammy, Publisher’s Weekly

Love on a Harley, is an amazing romantic anthology featuring six amazing stories by six very talented ladies. Each story was heartwarming, tear jerking, and so perfect. I got tied to each one wanting them to continue on forever. Lost love, rekindling love, and learning to love are all expressed within these pages beautifully. I couldn’t ask for a better romance anthology, each author brings that sensual, longing sort of love that every woman dreams of. Great job ladies!

Crystal, Crystal Reviews

Anthologies are wonderful things . . . it’s always a plus to get more than one story in a book, especially when they’re good stories. The six talented women who wrote the stories that make up Love on a Harley should be proud of themselves. The writing styles were similar enough that the stories flowed from one to another. The characters were easy to like and the stories wee interesting. What could possibly be better than six hunky alpha men and their Harley motorcycles?

As a woman who has enjoyed the occasional ride on one of man’s greatest inventions, I can say that the women did a good job describing the feel of riding on the impressive machines. Each of the men had that ‘bad boy’ feel, but hid a good heart. The women were strong, yet pining for the love of a good man. I can honestly say that I would recommend this book hands down to anyone who enjoys alpha males.

Vervain, The Long and Short Reviews



Overall rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Donna, SingleTitles.Com

Imagine love on a harley.

Six talented authors delight readers with six sumptuous stories created around man's favorite machine… the Harley.

SECRETS AND LIES by Rebecca Andrews tells the tale of Wess McKade, hired to protect Ella Preston, supermodel and former high school sweetheart. Why did Wess leave all those years ago and can the two rekindle their love?

LEADER OF THE PACK by Debi Farr begins as Charlie, dressed as a hooker, is on her way to a Come-As-You-Aren't party. She has a flat tire and is rescued by a cop on a motorcycle who just happens to be going to the same party.

HITTING PAYDIRT by Billie Warren Chai gives us a look at Vic, a woman working along side the roughnecks bringing in oil wells for the family business. How can she get Craig Ferguson, her brother's best friend, to see her as a desirable woman instead of Lil' Bits.

TEACHING LOVE by Patricia Frank relates the tale of Jenn, a widow, rescued by a biker when she spins her car into a ditch. Will she be able to let go of her husband's memory and love again?

THE MAN RIDES A HARLEY by Diane Davis White finds Susannah taking her sister's place in a parade, riding a motorcycle, behind a hunky biker. What happens next is embarrassing but just may lead to true love.

BAD TO THE BONE by Deborah MacGillivray revisits the Windmill restaurant and its famed haunted jukebox as Gabriel returns to Kentucky a success to buy the house his mother once was employed to clean. He reconnects with Jocelyn, the rich house owner, and finds he wants more than her house.

Perfect summer reading, LOVE ON A HARLEY entertains from page one. This anthology has something for everyone, especially those wanting to experience Love on a Harley.




4.5 Stars

Secrets and Lies by Rebecca Andrews

Wess McKade is ex-Special Forces with his own security business. When Wess receives a call from his friend, "Bobby" Preston, he finds himself agreeing to protect Bobby's sister, Ella. It seems that Bobby is being blackmailed for something that happened ten years ago at a party (involving all three of them). Unless Bobby pays, Ella will be harmed. That night at the party had been the last time Wess saw Ella. Could Wess make Ella forgive him for disappearing?

**** Great story, but I could tell a lot was cut out (so it could be a short story). Because of this, it did not flow smoothly. But the plot is really good. This one deserves to be a full-length novel. ****

Leader of the Pack by Debi Farr

Charlotte "Charlie" Fox is en route to a Come-As-You-Aren't party, dressed as a call girl, when her car gets a flat tire on a country road. After managing to fall into a ditch, she is rescued by Derek Eiken.

***** This very short story is fun, witty, and humorous. Well done! *****

Hitting Paydirt by Billie Warren Chai

"MaryVic" Abbott may look fragile, but she is anything but. She is a drilling engineer for an oil rig outside of town. Due to a series of (ahem) unfortunate incidents happening to the oil well, the team is behind schedule. MaryVic is seriously considering skipping the rehearsal for her brother's (Jack) wedding so she can oversee the drilling. That is, until Marine Major Craig Ferguson shows up, tosses her over his shoulder, and takes her to it. The attraction between MaryVic and Craig is as hot as ever. They are ready to take a chance on love, but first they must deal with an oil rival who is out to cause MaryVic some serious trouble.

**** From the beginning this story overflows with romance, family ties, and danger. But due to the story having to be short, the danger has no time to build up and I never felt as though it were real. This plot and cast of characters deserve a full-length novel. ****

Teaching Love by Patricia Frank

"Jen" Marlowe is returning from a day of skiing on Christmas Eve when her car hits black ice and ends up in a ditch. All auto shops have already closed. Dan Giovanni gives Jen a lift to her home just before a snow storm hits. The pair become snowed in and afterward begins dating. However, Dan cannot give into his heart's desire for Jen until he can come to terms with his feelings of guilt about something in his past.

***** This one is pure romance, must like a Harlequin Romance novel, and threatened to dance upon my heart strings. *****

The Man Rides a Harley by Diane Davis White

Susannah Davis has never rode on a motorcycle before and is terrified to be sitting on the back of a Harley during a parade. "Duke" Mansfield, the cold and rough-looking biker, takes her to his parents' house to clean up after it. This is when she learns that her twin, Samantha, has already discussed Susannah's problem with the three Mansfields. Susannah is an accountant, accused of embezzlement. Duke may very well be her only hope.

***** A well written story, even though Duke is too cold, arrogant, and rude almost the entire length of it. In my opinion, this is another tale that deserves to be a full-length novel. I believe that I could have come to actually like Duke if the author were allowed more pages to slowly melt the chips off his shoulder. *****

Bad to the Bone by Deborah MacGillivray

Twenty years ago Jocelyn Bouchard had been the granddaughter of Carrie Boivin Bouchard. Jocelyn, on the top of society, had been untouchable for someone on the very bottom of the ranking status, such as "Gabe" Sinclair. When Gabe rode out of town on his motorcycle he never looked back. If he had, he would have seen young Jocelyn crying on the balcony of Watch Hill, Dame Carrie's mansion. Now Dane Carrie is dead. Her elegant mansion on the hill is closed up. Gabe, now a self-made millionaire, returns to purchase Watch Hill from the only living Bouchard, Jocelyn. In this magical town, where a certain restaurant's jukebox has a mind of its own, Jocelyn and Gabe will get a second chance.

***** This restaurant seems to be stuck in the 1960's and the jukebox could very well be sentient. I definitely feel as though ghosts are watching Gabe and Jocelyn. Three interesting cats break the tension and spookiness with their antics. (One fat cat wears its own leather jacket and helmet as he rides with Gabe on the bike.) This haunting romance is the purr-fect ending for this wonderful anthology of novellas! *****

Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews.




Copyright 2008 Leanne Burroughs