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Reviews for Operation: L.O.V.E.‏

Anne Elizabeth, C.H. Admirand, Tara Nina,
DC DeVane, and Lindsay Downs



Operation: L.O.V.E by Anne Elizabeth, C.H. Admirand Tara Nina, DCDeVane, and Lindsay Downs
Publisher: Highland Press Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Full (244 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Wild Plum


Five sweet romantic stories delving into the world of Special Operations from authors whose family and friends are part of the military community.

The memorable twists in FUNNY BONE, B&B BIVOUAC and ANGEL FROM ABOVE will tug at your heartstrings, while the action and adventure of MISSION: DEVIL DOG and SO OTHERS MIGHT LIVE will get your heart pumping.

OPERATION: L.O.V.E. - Locate, Observe, Vector, and Encounter – may it share optimal methods for securing the sweetheart of your dreams. This anthology contains five sweet reads that were well researched by all five authors. It's a tribute to the men and women of our armed forces as well to their families.

Mission: Devil Dog, BY Tara Nina is about Jack and his ex-fiancée,1st Lieutenant Riley Worthington. Sargeant Jackson Stone is an expert marksman, now he must work with Lieutenant Riley while she leads his team to The Parris Island squad. He hadn't expected to see her again and so proves it during a paint ball exercise they must participate in.

Tara Nina did an excellent job with this story. I love reunited lovers themes. And this story proved to be one of the better tales in this category. The romance between the two is undeniable. The feelings they once had are still there and only that much more stronger.

Cheryl Smith was a comedian, made her living and her life as such. The love of her life is Lieutenant Chuck Swenson, but she was so afraid of losing him that she couldn't commit herself to him and their relationship. Now Chuck is on is most important mission of his life, to make Cheryl see that she has nothing to fear when it came to him. Anne Elizabeth introduces us to Cheryl and Chucks romance in Funny Bone.

The story is so charming and sweet. The entire time you are cheering for this couple, Ann Elizabeth shows us the chemistry and the conflict with these two. She makes you feel apart of the story and makes you want nothing more than for these two to have a happy ending.

The Air Force Special Operations pilot in B&B Bivouac BY D.C. DeVane is another great read in this anthology. Captain David Grantham knew he would have to go through and deal with a lot of surprises in his life, with his career. But he never expected to end up in a frilly pink room at The Romantic Rooster Inn, a B&B for lovers. Now he only needed to make the most of his time.

A great charming and funny read. The hero is so strong and so capable of so much. DeVane does an excellent job with telling this story. I really can't wait to read more from this author.

Angel from Above BY Lindsay Downs. Lindsay Downs is one of my favorite authors. Her stories are so beautifully written and she doesn't fail with this story. 1st Lieutenant Cristal Johnson has given her heart to1st Lieutenant Paul Stevens, a Green Beret. Paul has trouble coping with the idea that Cristal is a medevac pilot and has to deal with really serious and dangerous missions.

Downs does another excellent job with Angel from Above. The love between these two is so beautiful and timeless. It's a love we all want. The man who wants nothing more than to protect the woman he loves.

The last story in this anthology is So Others Might Live BY C. H. Admirand. This book is about our Coast Guard Search and Rescue team. Bronwyn Griffith is in a boat during a terrible storm. It is up to James Purcell to save her life.

Such a charming and cute read. What woman doesn't fall in love with a man who saves her life? C.H. Admirand does and tremendous job with this story. This team isn't talked about much and I think it's great she based a story on the Coast Guard.

If you need another reason to purchase this anthology I have the best reason for you. Part of the proceeds from Operation: L.O.V.E goes to the Special Operations Warrior Foundations.

Reviewer: Robyn Roberts
Once Upon A Romance
Title: Operation L.O.V.E.
Author: Tara Nina, Anne Elizabeth, DC DeVane, Lindsay Downs, C.H. Admirand
Release Date: April 2009
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
Year/Setting: Present Day
Overall Rating: 4.0
Sexual Content Rating: Subtle
Language (Profanity/Slang) Rating: None
Violent Content Rating: None
Publisher's Website: www.highlandpress.org

About the anthology: Each of the five branches of service has a story in this anthology. Operation: L.O.V.E. stands for Locate, Observe, Vector and Encounter. Its a fantastic premise and really honors our service men and service women. A great story for any time of the year and a portion of the royalties goes to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. A great book supporting a great cause.

Mission: Devil Dog by Tara Nina (Marines Story) Jack Stone is one of the best snipers in the Marines. When hes put on an assignment to play war games against another group, he ends up face to face with the one person he thought hed never see againRiley. The girl who just said "No" to his marriage proposal and walked out of his life forever. With a fairly bad reunion moment, will these star-crossed lovers ever find the path to true love?

Mission: Devil Dog was one of my favorite stories in the anthology. Tara Nina puts in a lot of moments where I said, "I didnt see that coming." It kept me rapt in the moment of the story. I dont want to spoil any of the plot twists, but I was in despair figuring these two might remain star-crossed forever. Jack and Rileys story pits a woman who has turned weakness into strength against a rock solid man.

Funny Bone by Anne Elizabeth (Navy Story) Chuck Swenson is a Navy SEAL who is engaged to the most wonderful and funny woman, Cheryl. He knows Cheryl is trying to get over her marriage phobia and hes let her go without picking a wedding date. But when hes suddenly ordered to ship out, he pressures her for a commitment and tries to get her to marry him before he leaves on assignment. Cheryl keeps up the witty banter, but her heart is breaking trying to decide if shes ever going to be able to make a true commitment or if shell walk away from her true love.

This story was a little scattered in the storyline. I didnt find it to be easy to follow as it jumped thoughts so often. Once I was able to see how the author jumped, it was a lot easier to follow. Its a heartwarming story that speaks to each of us. Ultimately, can we face our fears or will our deepest fears rule our lives forever?

B & B Bivouac by DC DeVane (Air Force Story) David Grantham is stuck at SERE training without a place to stay. He gets the lastthe very lastempty room in town at the Romantic Rooster B & B. Now hes in the one guestroom that hasnt been renovated and his room in pink. As in girly, frilly, lace and ribbons, no room for testosterone pink. If the guys find out about which room hes in, he knows hell spend the rest of his career living this one down. So perhaps hes a little surly to the owner, Susan, after seeing his digs. Once he sees the hurt in her eyes, hes a goner. He goes out of his way to make it up to her. Too bad shes not looking for a relationship. Shes known flyboys all her life and wont let this overly cocky fly-boy steal her heartor will she? And after David is warned to not go sniffing anywhere near Susan at the risk of losing his career, hell make sure that her laughter, cooking skills and body he wants to explore remain totally off limitsor will he?

B & B Bivouac is another one of my favorites from this anthology. It just went together so well and for a short story, it gave enough that I felt the story was complete. I didnt feel rushed in reading it and I loved David & Susan from the first page to the last. Having grown up with a former Air Force Captain as my father, I have lived through the experience of an Air Force Officer finding everything that could go wrong is going wrong. I had to hide my laughter when it happened to my dad, but when it happened to David in this story, I laughed until I cried. Its truly a story sprinkled with all the realities of life.

Angel from Above by Lindsay Downs (Army Story) Cristal Johnson is a woman with a mission. Driven by her internal desire, shes become a top medevac pilot. When she lands in Iraq and is sent on a rescue mission, little does she know that her heart maybe what needs rescuing. The commander of the group, Paul Stevens has a magnetic pull that Cristals never felt before. Shes determined shell never give up flying. Her past boyfriends couldnt handle that choice so shes kept herself aloof from all men. When Paul starts trying to explore their mutual attraction, can he let her be the woman she is? Or is he going to be just like the rest of the men shes dated who want her to give up flying?

This was my favorite story out of the whole anthology. Cristal is a strong woman who comes from a two very strong, military parents. However, her parents know how to laugh and have a good time. They taught Cristal to have a sense of humor and it really makes the reading fun. Putting Cristal and Paul in the middle of Iraq adds such a large piece of reality and truth to the story that it makes the ups and downs and fire fights all the more real. Lindsay Downs has done a terrific job showing some of the realities of warboth good and bad. With vivid storytelling, he has created a story we can all relate to.

So Others Might Live by C.H. Admirand (Coast Guard Story)Bronwyn Griffith is out to capture a real life sea adventure to use in writing her book. Too bad she had to borrow her cousins boat without his permission to get to sea. And who would believe the weatherman was right for a change? Now shes on a boat thats barely staying upright and sporting a few injuries. So when James Purcell shows up on her ship and announces hes there to rescue her, he seems stunned that she doesnt want to be rescued. Too bad she didnt realize what a force a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer can be. Hes not going to take no for an answer and makes sure shes rescued and treated for her injuries. When he runs into her again after his shift sleeping in the ER waiting room, he feels like a bulldozer has hit him. Is it just a rescuer/rescued person psychosis attracting them to each otheror could it be the real deal?

This story is a fantastic concept. I loved the rescue swimmers and learned more about the Coast Guard than Ive ever known before. Ioved the concept, but found the execution to be lacking in a few places. I found the story to feel jumpy and a little disconnected. It was like it was supposed to be more fleshed out, but too much got edited out. I think this story would have been better if it had been longer to give the segues more time to flow from one to the next. It was still a very enjoyable read and I am glad I read it. I just think a longer version would have fulfilled my expectations with this storyline.



  Night Owl Romance: 4.75 / 5 Hearts - Reviewer Top Pick

Mission: Devil Dog by Tara Nina
Riley Worthington made the biggest mistake in her life and career. She left the "Right One" years ago with a broken heart. Now she is determined to win Sergeant Jack Stone back even if its mean embarrassing him with a pink paintball shot in front of his comrades. Can she prove to Jack that she is not the same woman she used to be but an equal?

Funny Bone by Anne Elizabeth
Cheryl has always been the comedian. She takes life as a big joke always laughing. Meeting Lt Chuck Swenson is like fate pulling the big joke. He is sweet, charming, and funny but also a Navy Seal. To her they are known as the leave them break your heart Navy Seals. Can she trust her funny heart to Chuck and hope not to get laughed at?

B & B Bivouac by DC DeVane
Pink to everybody is love. Yet for AF Captain David Grantham it is the color he has seen everyday for the next three weeks. He's always been punctual but fate has something colorful in store for him. Susan Collins is definitely a pink kind of keep forever woman, which scares David. Being a Special Op is everything to him but somehow Pink is getting to him. Or is it Susan?

Angel from Above by Lindsay Downs
Lt Cristal Johnson takes pride in her work as an air copter medivac. She is known to do things impulsively but knows rescuing Lt Paul Stevens is not to be passes up. Meeting him scares her but she knows he is the one for her. She has always loved flying but knowing firsthand the danger he goes to everyday scares her more. Can she accept him as he is or will she sacrifice her pride and give up hers?

So Others Might Live by C.H. Admirand
Bronwyn Griffith will do anything she can to be on New York's Bestseller list including sacrificing her only life. She doesn't want to rely on anyone yet with a Coast Guard Rescuer like James Purcell all she wants to do is lean on him. Being rescued by a gorgeous Coast Guard sure has its advantages but can she lose her heart to one?

Operation: Love is a book filled with so many great stories from talented authors. It's hard to not like them all. Each one has a gorgeous Navy Seal, Coast Guard or Army soldier that will entice any reader. My favorite of course is Riley's story. I loved that she will do anything to get her man including embarrassing him well with a Pink paintball. Those two were so in love with each other. Each author shined in each story in Operation Love. It's also great to know that they all wrote a story to support charity. Loved all of them.

Melinda, Night Owl Romance



The Romance Studio

Operation: L.O.V.E.
Contemporary romance
Available from Highland Press
ISBN: 978-0-9823615-0-4
April 2009

This collection of short books is a credit to the authors whore searched the branches of the military as well as those men and women of whom they wrote. The anthology, written by five different authors, presents a tribute to each branch of service. Not only was the book a great romantic read, it was informative as well. It was obvious they knew of which they spoke.

Mission: Devil Dog, by Tara Nina, was about a Marines Special Operations Sargeant Jackson (Jack) Stone who was an expert marksman. While on maneuvers, he and his team were subjected to The Parris Island squad led by his ex-fiance, 1st Lieutenant Riley Worthington. He was so shaken to see her again, that the paint ball exercise didnt go as expected.

Funny Bone, by Anne Elizabeth, introduced us to Lieutenant Chuck Swenson, Navy Seals Special Operations. The love of his life, Cheryl Smith, was a comedian. She was so afraid of losing him that she feared commitment.

The Air Force Special Operations pilot in B&B Bivouac, written by D.C. DeVane, set a rough and tough Captain David Grantham in a bed and breakfast in a room with frilly pink accessories. The Romantic Rooster Inn, a B&B for lovers, introduced owner Susan Collins to the ladies man of The SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape). The U.S. Army Special Forces units were represented in a book named Angel from Above by Lindsay Downs. It acquainted us with 1stLieutenant Cristal Johnson, the medevac pilot of the Iron Maiden helicopter. The soldier she gave her heart to, 1st Lieutenant Paul Stevens, a Green Beret, had serious problems with her piloting such dangerous missions.

Finally, So Others Might Live by C.H. Admirand told a poignant story about a Coast Guard Search and Rescuer, James Purcell, and his attempts to retrieve Bronwyn Griffith from a boat during stormy conditions.

The romance was sweet and I recommend this book to anyone. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. I am honored to have reviewed this work of art and collaboration.

Overall rating: 4.5

Sensuality rating: Sweet

Reviewer: Brenda Talley

May 7, 2009



ISBN#: 978-0-9823615-0-4
April 2009
Highland Press
P.O. Box 2292, High Springs, Florida, 32655
244 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups
Mission: Devil Dog
Riley Worthington is from a wealthy family who made her feel inferior. She still carries a torch for Jack even though she had to turn him down. Her confidence in herself is hard won.
Jack Stone is the best sniper in the Marines. He has focused all of his energies on that since Riley dumped him. He is totally surprised to see her on the opposite team in a training exercise.
A female Marine sniper has more to worry about than facing the love of her life again. She regrets hurting him, but could not marry him when he asked. She is a much different person now, his equal.
This is a great story of love lost and found. Jack and Riley are charismatic characters with a past and hopefully a future and the author puts quite a bit of action in the plot along with the romance.
Funny Bone
Cheryl is a comedian with a fear of abandonment. She was given up for adoption as a child and never wants to be left behind again.
Chuck is a Navy SEAL. His background is the complete opposite of Cheryls and he wants nothing more than to make her his wife.
A Navy Seal has to overcome his fiances fears in order for their marriage to take place.
This is a sweet love story. Cheryl is a strong woman trying to overcome her fears in order to marry the man she cannot live without. Chuck tries to understand and make her see his point also. The man is almost too good to be true.
B & B Bivouac
Susan Collins is the daughter of an Air Force Master Sergeant and a Civil Servant, so she is willing to give up her own room in her B & B for a pilot in need of a room.
David is a pilot and has a bit of a reputation as a partier. He hopes that no one finds out about the frilly girly room he has been assigned to for SERE training.
A busy B & B owner and a playboy pilot discover love in snatched moments between training sessions.
I really enjoyed this story. David grows up a bit and Susan finds the man she loves. Susan is a really great character, I can understand the protectiveness that the personnel of the airbase feel towards her and David is pretty irresistible.
Angel from Above
Cristal is a West Point grad whose true love is flying her helicopter and rescuing those who need her. She is from a military family and is carrying on the tradition.
Paul is a Green Beret with similar values and an equal dedication to his team. He never expected that the love of his life would be flying a helicopter to his rescue.
A Green Beret and a medevac pilot find love in wartime and some interesting connections from a former war.
This is an excellent love story with a nice twist and connection with a previous generation. Paul and Crystals story has some serious twists to make things interesting.
So Others Might Live
Bronwyn is an author on the rebound from a failed relationship. She has an idea that a solo sail will give her the inspiration to write a bestseller. She is hardheaded and refuses to listen to her cousins advice.
James is a rescue swimmer in the Coast Guard. He has been injured in one rescue today, but will not refuse to go on another.
An author in over her head alone on a sailboat in a storm is rescued by the Coast Guard and her heart is captured by the brave man who saved her.
Though I do not understand Bronwyns reasoning in undertaking a trip in unsafe conditions, I really enjoyed the story. Great characters and an interesting plot.
This is a very good collection of stories involving all branches of the military. Each author used a member of a different branch of the service for their story. Every one of them is full of romance and very different from the others. Each and every one of them is well worth reading as they are full of great characters and very readable plots, perfect for a Memorial Day read. I would be hard put to pick a favorite, all are very well written and I read this anthology straight through from the beginning until the end.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More




Copyright 2008 Leanne Burroughs