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Reviews for Rebel Heart

by Jannine Corti Petska



FOUR SPURS from Love Western Romances!!!

"Rebel Heart is a fiery, heartfelt tale featuring two headstrong individuals finding love despite all obstacles."
Against her father's wishes, socialite Courtney Danning headed west to marry the man she loved. She never expected to become a widow on the same day she became a bride. Nor did she expect her new home on a sheep ranch would place her right in the middle of a range war. Determined to make it on her own, Courtney soon discovers she is, indeed, in need of some assistance. She hires Beau Hamilton, never knowing the ex-gunfighter had already been hired by her father to watch over her.
Beau dislikes playing nursemaid to a spoiled heiress. Still, he'll do anything in his power to keep Courtney safe.
Rebel Heart features two passionate characters engaged in a battle of wills from the first moment they meet. Despite their different backgrounds, both Courtney and Beau have very similar personalities. Both share a determination, independence, and stubbornness that cause them to clash on more than one occasion. Though some of the action is left up to the reader's imagination, I still found myself anticipating the moment when Courtney and Beau finally give in to their attraction. Believe me, it's well worth the wait!

Reviewed by Jennifer

From Coffee Time Romance

Newly married and widowed, Courtney Burgess moves to New Mexico territory from her posh home in New York to marry the man she loves. Unfortunately, this man turns out to be someone completely different than who she thought. Now, too humiliated to return to her father in New York, she attempts to make a success of the failing sheep ranch left to her by her husband.

Beau Hamilton, the rugged, yet handsome native of Santa Fe has a varied career of what he will do to make money. This time he has been hired by a wealthy man from New York to keep an eye on his daughter and the despicable man she is marrying. Beau isn't crazy about the job, but once he sees the beautiful Mrs. Burgess, it is quite a bit easier.

Beau and Courtney experience an immediate mistrust as well as attraction towards one another. The new Mrs. Burgess finds herself in danger from the owner of the neighboring ranch, who wants her land and pulls out all the stops to acquire it. Beau and Courtney fight the love they feel for each other, but when Courtney discovers the huge secret he is hiding from her, will it cost him her love?

Rebel Heart is an entertaining escapade set in the Wild West. The characters, both good and bad, are completely convincing. The banter between the hero and heroine was delightful and imaginative of what the old west must have really been like. Ms. Corti-Peska's novel was a pure joy to read.

Reviewed by Bonnie-Lass
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
February 2007

From TCM Reviews!

Father knows best! Courtney Danning's father told her that her fiancÚ Stanley Burgess was nothing but trouble--lowlife scum and a chronic womanizer. But Courtney was so sure that Stanley was "the one" that she left her life in New York and went to Santa Fe to become Stanley's wife.

Her euphoria ended almost immediately. The frontier town wasn't exactly what Courtney had imagined. Things only got worse from there. After flirting with some tart at the wedding dance, Stanley got into a tussle with some gamblers he tried to cheat. Courtney was a widow before the wedding night even began.

Then, the real trouble began. Courtney immediately decided to take on the responsibilities of running her husband's sheep farm. The spoiled city girl knew nothing about sheep and even less about running a business in Santa Fe. There was also the added anxiety that her husband had large debts with nearly everyone in town. All seemed pretty hopeless but in walks Beau Hamilton. A crass savage that Courtney just can't seem to shake. Just wait until she finds out that her father paid Beau to watch out for her. Fiery and passionate.

TCM Reviews
Reviewed by Tami Brady
January 2007


FOUR STARS for Rebel Heart from Huntress Reviews!

The year is 1873. When the wealthy Leif Danning realizes he cannot change Courtney's mind about leaving New York City to run off and wed Stanley Burgess in Santa Fe, he turns his attention to finding someone to protect his rash daughter. His solution is to hire an ex-gunfighter named Beau Hamilton. Without Courtney's knowledge, Beau will make sure she reaches Santa Fe safely. Once Courtney is wed, Beau is to quietly keep an eye on her for one year.

Beau is attracted to the lovely heiress the moment Leif points the lady out to him. Pampered as Courtney's life has always been, Beau knows Leif is right to find Courtney a watch dog. But Beau still believes this will be the easiest money he has ever earned.

Courtney could hardly wait to wed Stanley and begin their lives together on a ranch. The traveling is smooth, if a bit uncomfortable. The wedding is nice, if a bit rushed. Yet once married, Courtney begins getting many shocks. Stanley is murdered before her very eyes only a few hours after the wedding. She would be dead too if the stranger from the train ride had not showed up. Courtney decides to grow up and run Rancho Ortega herself. It sounds easy until Courtney finds out that her ranch raises sheep instead of cattle and Stanley left her with a pile of debt. As much as Beau Hamilton aggravates her, Courtney needs his help; especially when a neighboring ranch owner, Jared Stover, begins a range war with her. Courtney must learn how to defend herself -- fast!

**** Author Jannine Corti Petska must have done a lot of research on sheep ranching to create such a beautiful and well written story. I only wish it could have been longer so Courtney would not have had to give in to her attraction to Beau so quickly. The main couple is very different from each other, but a perfect match. The author made sure that this is one pampered, but feisty, lady that readers cannot help but cheer for. Keep your eye on this author. I certainly will be. Jannine Corti Petska's future looks bright. ****

Huntress Reviews
Reviewed by Detra Fitch


Review for Rebel Heart
"A Wild Ride of a Western Romance"

Jannine Corti Petska's Rebel Heart--a fast-paced story of Beau Hamilton, a mysterious man of panther-like grace and deadly guns, and Courtney Danning, a woman who's not afraid to take responsibility for her own hot-headed actions--brings the Old West to life in vivid colors of cactus, sunsets and love-kissed lips.

But, when you tangle with a wild beast, never expect him to play fair or tell the whole truth right up front. However, what Beau does not realize until his own heart's attacked is that there is a wolf in sheep's clothing in his bed and she will savagely fight to protect her heart and the priceless treasure he's unknowingly bestowed upon her. And, while Courtney's no sheep to follow a gentle path and cower before any man, she's not cunning enough to elude the tricks Beau uses to get her into his arms--shearing her strong will, thinly-veiled restraint and flimsy resolve.

Money and position might change the world in New York City, but in Santa Fe, love, life and death are won and lost by those protecting your back. Petska's Rebel Heart is an edge-of-your-seat story that beckons you to slip inside the pages and into the arms of a sensual cowboy who comes to life in sexy and strong detail.

The story is compelling, the characters strong and memorable, and even individuals like Drake and Cloud lend an air of powerful romance that begs Petska's kissing, writing and future telling. You can't help but like Courtney, who is a woman of means, but doesn't stoop to use it against others or even to help herself, but she has to learn the hard way that pride can be a lonely bedfellow...especially when all guises are exposed and truth offers you a once-in-a-lifetime chance at true love.

I read this book from cover to cover and turned the last page still feeling the warm glow left over from a good loving. Life on the range is never easy; when the bullets start flying and blood starts flowing, I want a man like Beau Hamilton at my back!

Aysel Arwen
Romancing the Stars
October, 2006

Courtney Danning leaves New York for New Mexico to marry, Stanley Burgess, the man she loves. She never imagined he would be completely different than what she dreamed nor did she know the day they married, he would be killed. She refuses to return home to her father and face any disgrace. Not feeling too much at home at the failing sheep ranch, that has now become hers, she will do what she can to make it a prosperous one. Courtney's father, unaware to her knowledge, to keep an eye on her and her safety, hired Beau Hamilton, an ex-gunfighter. At first, Beau isn't too happy about accepting the job, but after seeing Courtney Burgess, he quickly changes his mind. Now that her husband is dead, he stays and helps with the ranch, never mentioning his involvement with her father. Courtney finds Beau quite handsome and since he is a native of Sante Fe, he seems to know things about the ranch and the area. With the present owner of the ranch next door, Jared Stover, Courtney feels a bit threatened. In fact he will do whatever it takes to drive Courtney out of the valley. Luckily, Beau is able to come to her rescue many times. The attraction they feel for each other begins to grow with each passing day. Beau wonders what will happen once Courtney learns his real reason for being there or if she will think of him as scum like Stanley. His little secret could cost him the woman he loves.

Rebel Heart is a wonderfully written historical, not only fascinating but kept this reader turning the pages. Courtney is a beautiful character that shows strength as she leaves home only to find herself in a troubled situation. Not willing to suffer defeat at her father's hands, she dives into staying and making a go of the ranch. Her strength is remarkable. Beau is a great hero who always comes forward and rescues Courtney while trying to keep his feelings at bay. Ms. Petska pens a delightful read with well-rounded characters and great dialogue that grabs the reader. She molds the character of Courtney as tenacious but once enduring her struggles, it really works to her benefit. I could almost feel the emotions that captured her when she found out the truth about Stanley and his deceit. This book is a great start to any day or evening. I love the cover art.

Reviewed by: Linda L.
Fallen Angel Reviews


This book comes very close to being what I consider the perfect book: a historical romance, well written, long enough to allow interesting development of characters and their backgrounds, and a beautiful love story developing a fascinating plot. Ms. Petska does an excellent job of all aspects of sharing this book with us. I got so involved in the storyline.
Courtney Danning traveled to Santa Fe to marry her dream man, Stanley Burgess. She did not know that her father, who opposed the wedding, hired Beau Hamilton to follow her and make sure she stayed safe. The day she married him, Stanley was killed and she was kidnapped; Beau, following behind, stole her away and took her back to her home. That's when the problems started! Beau started to work for her without letting her know he was also working for her father. He seemed to always be around at the point where she needed to be rescued.

The things Stanley had told her the year they were separated; when she arrived, she found quickly that he had lied and nothing he told her was the truth. He was deeply in debt and she was unable to face most of the townspeople; they seemed to know more than they were willing to tell her. Ms. Petska used a myriad of emotions to tell this story and the reader (me) quickly becomes entranced in the ways Courtney's stubborn attitude works to her advantage in surviving this disastrous beginning to her new life. Rebel Heart shows the struggles faced by both Courtney and Beau as they try to resist their attraction to each other while dealing with Stanley's duplicity and the danger Courtney is in because of her sheep farm. Ms. Petska's writings demand attention; she draws the reader to quickly become involved in this passionate story. This is a wonderful rendition of a different type which is a welcome addition to the historical romance genre. I believe that you will enjoy this story; I know I did!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Brenda Talley
The Romance Studio
January 22, 2007


Rating: 4.5 Blue Ribbons

April 1873

Courtney Danning has lived a privileged life in New York but that's all about to come to an end with her decision to move to Santa Fe to marry the man she loves despite her father's protests. Almost as soon as she sees her fiancÚ, Stanley, she knows that it would be a mistake to marry him but she's too stubborn and proud to return home and prove her father right.

Beau Hamilton is an ex-gunfighter who's been hired by Courtney's father to follow her to Santa Fe and keep an eye on her for a year after she marries the unscrupulous man whom Courtney insists she loves. What should have been a simple job for him becomes far more complicated when on the evening of her wedding, Courtney's husband is killed and she's kidnapped. Beau comes to her rescue and risks losing his own heart to a woman.

Beau figures that after Courtney's husband's death she'd want to return to New York and the life she knows. He never anticipated her remaining in Santa Fe and taking over her husband's ranch. The morning after Stanley's death Courtney discovers that the ranch is a sheep ranch. She doesn't know anything about raising sheep but she's determined to keep the ranch anyway. When Courtney heads into town for supplies she learns that Stanley had overextended his credit all over town and she's going to have to come up with some money fast if she has any hope of eating or of keeping the ranch. Courtney realizes that she needs help and approaches Beau to help with the ranch. Beau is far more interested in her than he is the ranch but he agrees to her proposition anyway - only it's going to be on his terms. Beau and Courtney fight their attraction to each other but it's a battle they're destined to lose - hopefully it'll be the only one.

Jannine Corti Petska's REBEL HEART is an exciting story which I'm sure historical fans will love. Courtney may have been raised a proper lady but she rises to the occasion and isn't afraid of a little hard work to achieve her goals. Beau is a hardened man. He's lived a rough life and has been very careful not to get too attached to any woman -until now. I was fascinated by the undercurrent which was present throughout the book regarding the ranch and how Stanley obtained it. REBEL HEART is full of characters and situations which will have readers anxiously reading to learn what will happen next in this exciting story full of all the hope and passion I'd expect in a novel with a western setting.

Courtney's determination to marry the man she loves lands her in Santa Fe where her new husband is killed on their wedding night. Beau had been hired by Courtney's father to watch out for her. He never anticipated the hazards - to his heart or health -of watching out for this beauty.

~ Chrissy Dionne
Romance Junkies
March 2007



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