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Reviews for Saving Tampa

by Jo Webnar



Review by Snapdragon at The Long and the Short of It

Overall rating: 4.5 books

Psychic Rachel Cunningham receives a terrifying vision, from the touch of one individual. She does not doubt the accuracy of her vision - nor question the horrifying threat to the lives of thousands. Her own history has given her cause to believe. However, finding a way to convey the danger to the disbelieving agents of law will be another challenge altogether.

Special Agent Arrons not only doesn't believe; he doesn't want to believe.

Saving Tampa" is an absolute page turner; not only does the thrill of the threat pervade every page, but the challenges to the emotions, beliefs and abilities of the main character Rachel are relentless. The many smaller threads within this really flesh out the story, like that little hint of attraction between Rachel and 'her' special agent. We don't even know if we should hope for them to get together, or if their personal life should be important at all; because, indeed, the two of them are a little busy with saving the world.

Rachel is a caring and driven person ... and Hawk (Agent Arrons) is devilishly attractive. No matter how much you love mysteries and will be moment-to-moment anticipating their investigative efforts, savoring the romance will be part of the reading pleasure here.

Secondary characters, including Ralph the dog, round out the story beautifully, with deft touches of humor and-or insight. Realistic scenarios play out among the many characters, and even relatively minor relationships (like Hawk's with his ex-partner Soderland) will prove important. The operations of FBI headquarters in Florida, and specific places- like among the boats at the marina, are realistic and interesting.

"Saving Tampa" is a great read, with wide appeal. Webnar's ability to create engaging characters is eclipsed only by the power and pace of her storyline.



Review from Bitten By Books

Reviewer: CeCe

Caution: Saving Tampa is highly addictive. You won’t be able to put it down.

Rachel Cunningham has known she has the gift of sight from the very beginning. It is a draining and painful experience because she feels whatever the “victim” feels. After helping Chicago PD catch a serial rapist and mass murderer, she became famous and escaped to Florida for a quieter existence under the radar. But after a man accidentally bumps into her, she sees his malevolent aura and feels thousands of voices screaming in agony. Definitely the worst vision she has ever seen in her life. The gravity of her vision compels Rachel to do something about it. Knowing the authorities will not take her seriously, she calls her brother, a Chicago detective, and he calls the FBI for her.

FBI Special Agent Michael Arrons (Hawk) is not thrilled to be the one assigned to interview Rachel. And upon seeing her, he immediately considers her a bimbo - certainly not the most productive first meeting ever. But after checking on her reference and finding out she’s the real deal, he does not hesitate to own up to his mistakes and eventually believes her.

The FBI and Homeland Security are dealing with one of the worst terrorists they have on file. An attack is imminent, and they need to stop him before thousands of people die, but they do not know what weapon the terrorist will use, how it is going to happen, and where it is happening. They need all the help they can get.
Since it was Rachel who gave them a heads up on the terrorist’s presence in the area and his plans in the first place, they need her help, but she will only work with Hawk. So, he is officially assigned to her, and the physical attraction they felt for each other from the beginning starts growing. He realizes the enormity of what Rachel has to do in order to help them. In fact, she goes beyond the call of duty, risking her life to bait the terrorist. Will they successfully stop the death of thousands of people?

If you like James Patterson, then you will also like Jo Webnar’s similar style. The omnipotent and omniscient narrator shows us everything that happens, not just a limited view, consequently pulling us into the story more. This novel is definitely fast-paced and full of action. Rachel’s and Hawk’s characters are intricately woven for us. You will definitely love them. And Saving Tampa is as much a romance novel as it is a suspense thriller. So, the love that they experience for each other (even though quick to develop) is not a wham bam kind of deal. Yes, readers, there is romance in this book. The secondary characters are as carefully described, as well. The villain is probably one of the worst you will ever read in fiction. Savor this one-of-a-kind adventure.




Copyright 2008 Leanne Burroughs