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Reviews for When the Vow Breaks

by Judith Leigh



Jill and Morgan had been married for five years and valued their commitment to each other as if it was written in stone. Then Jill found out she had breast cancer and had to have her breast removed. They had tried to have a baby, but this set-back could eliminate that possibility for good. When Jill finally told Morgan about her surgery, it was only 2 days prior to the operation. Morgan refused to leave her side until the day before she was to come home. He heard some nurses talking about her in the break room and stating that it was so bad that she was going to die.

Morgan had a past that Jill knew nothing about. His mother died of breast cancer. He could not stand around and watch someone else he loved die. As an Air Force Captain in World War II, he disappeared and went on a mission in Germany with his Unit. His best friend was going and his commanding officer was surprised that he decided to deploy. Captain Morgan Chandler was one of their best pilots. Of course, he was needed.

October is Breast Cancer Month and this book is about a woman who fights breast cancer. I assumed the book would be extremely emotional and hard to read, but it was not. The storyline dealt more with the commitment between a man and a woman, with a true belief of God. There was some sentiment which became even more passionate when this scared man disappeared without a word just as Jill needed him most.

The intrigue of the storyline was that of finding a rock to lean upon through faith in God. Not only did she learn to lean on her relationship with Him but she also learned how to forgive her husband even before he returned to the States.

This is a great look at not only a breast cancer survivor but also a couple whose commitment to each other through their faith grew stronger. It is an easy read and one I highly recommend.

 ~ Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

Rating: 8 Gargoyles

Although the title is reminiscent of a line from a lullaby, the novel sensitively explores a subject that is anything but soothing. When Jillian Chandler is diagnosed with breast cancer, her storybook marriage to Morgan rocks, but not like a mother gently swaying a baby's crib. Morgan decides to leave his wife in the midst of her greatest battle, while he tries to sort out his own feelings. These pages are a stirring look at this relationship and the far reaching repercussions.

The writing is simple and the characters are ordinary, yet there is an urgent appeal to this story. Jillian's diagnosis of cancer triggers emotional responses that will resonant with readers. Her fears, feelings, and the questions and concerns she has after surgery are commonplace but definitely compelling. This story could occur anywhere and at any time, and that fact keeps the action moving.

As the couple tries to sort out the changes in their lives, readers will understand the emotional toll on both Jillian and Morgan. It's interesting that the cancer and the subsequent treatments don't make up the majority of this novel, rather, it's the time of recovery that is focused upon. As Jillian tries to return to normal, Morgan's decision to leave presents a new kind of battle to fight. Other issues enter the story, offering complications of a different sort. This all serves to highlight the uncertainty of life and the power of love.

When the Vow Breaks is touching story of trials and triumphs in the lives of characters that will seem as familiar as your friends or next door neighbors.

Joyce Handzo, In the Library Reviews

Jillian and Morgan Chandler have been married for 5 very happy years. They love each other very much and have much to be thankful for. That is until Jillian is diagnosed with breast cancer. Jillian doesnít know thatís how Morganís mother died but Morgan is trying to be supportive.

Morgan overhears the nurses talking about a poor woman that had everything going for her but now wonít make it. He canít go through watching Jillian, the love of his life, die like his mother did, he just canít! He takes off just as Jillian is ready to be released from the hospital.

As with most things, nothing is what we think or as it seems and the same for Jillian and Morgan. After several months Morgan comes home finally explaining why he ran and begs for forgiveness. Just as Jillian is ready to forgive all, Morgan leaves again, but this time the military mission is secret and he canít tell a soul.

Jillian has suffered many tragedies but this is the last straw. Sheís sure she can never forgive Morgan. It appears that the vows they took when they married meant nothing to him.

Will Jillian let God take care of her and their marriage? When Morgan is through with his mission, will he have a home to come back to? Will their love survive these storms? Will they see past the tragedies to the miracles that God has given them?

When the Vow Breaks was a very pleasant surprise. After the first chapter or two I wondered how I would get through it, it was so sad, but I forged ahead and eventually had a hard time putting it down. This book isnít about breast cancer and the tragedies that befall Jillian; itís about weathering the storms, survival and trust in love and in God.

The writing of Judith Leigh gives just enough detail to give you the picture, itís concise and to the point but doesnít leave out anything important.

Take the time to read When the Vow Breaks. Iím sure youíll enjoy Jillian and Morganís story as much as I did.

~ Trudy Smith, Once Upon A Romance



Copyright 2008 Leanne Burroughs